MMORPG Lumiterra moves to Ronin – weekly quests start today!


  • Lumiterra and Ronin: MMORPG Lumiterra transitions to the Ronin blockchain scaling solution, integrating the Web3 gaming community from China and Hong Kong.
  • Lumiterra ecosystem: Offers a wealthy gaming experience including survival, crafting and exploration, as well as interaction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Lumi Finance DeFi protocol.
  • Closed beta and rewards: Lumiterra’s closed beta is scheduled for July with prizes worth $1 million, including in-game RON currency and valuable items.

Roninblockchain scaling solution for Ethereum, celebrates an critical event as Lumiterrapopular MMORPG (multiplayer online RPG), makes move to the platform. This transition means more than just a fresh game joining Ronin; marks the integration of China and Hong Kong’s spirited Web3 gaming community into the digital nation.

Lumiterra: A Cross-Platform Adventure

Lumiterra is a free-to-play MMORPG that seamlessly combines survival, crafting, exploration and more. In this enormous virtual world, players battle NPC monsters to level up their characters and even tame these creatures to support them on their virtual farms. From planting seeds and caring for plants, to crafting items and forming alliances with other players. Lumiterra offers a wealthy and lively experience.

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Lumiterra ecosystem

Beyond the basic gameplay, Lumiterra boasts an ecosystem that goes beyond the game itself. Players can explore in-game items, exploit non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in the Lumi Finance DeFi protocol. Whether you’re looking for casual fun or a cutting-edge Web3 experience, Lumiterra supports a wide range of player archetypes.

How to dive in Lumitera

MMORPG Lumiterra moves to Ronin - weekly quests start today!

If all goes according to plan, Lumiterra (CBT) closed beta testing will begin in July, with an impressive $1 million prize pool. These rewards include RON (in-game currency), valuable in-game items and desired allowlist spots for a future paid Lumiterra NFT mint.

To secure a spot in the CBT, players can participate in missions along the way Get Alliance Ronin Weekwhich starts on June 24. To keep updates current, we encourage players to turn on notifications on their preferred platform.

Battle, crafting and farming

In the open world of Lumiterra, players face many challenges and opportunities. When enemy monsters attack, players must decide whether to fight, flee, or even tame these creatures for their farms. As characters gain experience, they specialize in three areas: combat, farming and gathering.

  • Fight: We specialize in combat, wielding powerful weapons, upgrading our fists to swords.
  • Agriculture: Efficiently tame creatures to raise resource production.
  • Assembly: Collect necessary materials for crafts and other endeavors.

Players can focus on one specialization or diversify their skills. Additionally, creating alliances with other players allows for complementary strengths and strategic cooperation.

Going on missions and PvP

Lumiterra introduces players to the game through beginner tasks led by the Rifleman Knight. These tasks include basic skills such as slaying monsters, growing crops, gathering resources, and boss battles.

Once beginners complete these initial quests, they can delve into Lumiterra’s main story, which offers optional and side quests. Whether players prefer a structured narrative or the freedom of MMO exploration, Lumiterra caters to their preferences.

Growing traffic

Just a year ago, Ronin hosted just a handful of games with around 50,000 daily energetic users (DAUs). Today, the platform has grown into the center of multiple gaming universes, boasting over 1.5 million DAUs. Lumiterra’s migration to Ronin marks another significant step forward, and the community is looking forward to future adventures.

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