Metalcore will launch Closed Beta 3 with massive updates


  • MetalCore is preparing to launch Closed Beta 3, which will be its most significant update following the success of Closed Beta 2.0 and 2.5.
  • New gameplay modes including Domination, Capture the Flag and High Value Objective provide rapid and action-packed battles.
  • Faction-specific PvE missions, tailored to the unique characteristics of each group, will boost immersion and strategic depth.

Metal core preparing for beginning Closed beta 3, which promises to be the most significant update to date success of closed beta versions 2.0 and 2.5.

While the official release date has not been set yetPlayers can expect several fresh features and improvements to enrich the game experience in blockchain games.

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The most notable additions include: fresh game modes. Players will compete in fast-paced, action-packed modes such as Domination, Capture the flagAND High-value goal.

These modes are designed to provide an intense and strategic combat experience where each team must coordinate and quickly adapt to the situation. battlefield circumstances.

Additionally, faction-specific PvE missions have been added, providing a more personalized experience tailored to unique goals and features each group.

This not only increases immersion, but also promotes greater feeling affiliation and strategy in the game.

MetalCore also introduces dedicated zones in a game world where players from different factions can gather, interact and participate social activities.

This addition improves social aspect of the gameallowing players to connect and strategize in a more relaxed environment.

Vehicle personalization This is another major improvement in this update.

Players can now customize specific equipment for their vehicles to better fit them style of play. This opens up a wide range of possibilities tactical possibilities and allows for more flexibility on the battlefield.

New area, Starslope Stationwill be unlocked in Closed beta version 3.

This place, once a humble town, has become a key battlefield due to its location control towerwhich is a strategic point in Kerberos War. Players will fight fiercely for control of this area to secure… advantage over your enemies.

Metalcore will launch Closed Beta 3 with massive updates

Reward system and technical improvements

New Ranking-based reward system will offer incentives depending on the player ranking and performance. Those who rank higher will receive a larger share of the prize prize poolmotivating players to constantly improve theirs efficiency.

In terms of technical improvementsmany optimizations and bug fixes have been made to ensure smoother gameplay. Crashes and freeze incidents have been lowered and maintained constant number of frames per second for more stable and pleasant gaming experience.

In addition, world sound effects they were strengthened to do the environment seems more advanced AND absorbing. This contributes to: more realistic and invigorating atmosphereintensifying player immersion.

As part A special event, Metal core will host a global event PvP stress test June 15, 2024 at 14:00 UTC time.

This event is open to all players from Metal core key and gives you the opportunity to test fresh features and game stability in a low-risk environment. More details about this event can be found on the website MetalCore Discussion.

MetalCore is closed Beta 3 I promise a series improvements and innovations it will raise gaming experience to a fresh level.

Players can expect active game modes, advanced personalization, attractive prizesand more stable and addictive gaming environment. See you on battlefield!

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