Metalcore announces the official release date of Closed Beta 3


  • MetalCore returns with Closed Beta 3 on June 27.
  • New features include PvP scenarios and faction-focused PvE missions.
  • Significant improvement in vehicle stability, performance and customization.

Universe Metal core preparing for a novel testing phase with announcement from closed beta 3scheduled June 27.

This long-awaited comeback promises a refreshed gaming experiencewith thrilling additions that will attract the attention of action and strategy enthusiasts.

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In the next stage, players can immerse themselves in session-based gaming PvP scenarioscompeting in modes such as Domination, capture the flagAND High-value goal.

These modes are designed to offer intense and fast-paced battles, challenging both individual skills AND team strategy.

In addition, Metal core expands its offer by faction-focused PvE missions focuses on centuries of war between factions such as Holy Corporation, Gear breakersAND Metal punks.

These missions not only enrich the game’s story, but also provide a diverse and vigorous experience in a fully open world diverse landscapes and unique nature.

Fans will too enjoy faction based social hubsdedicated locations in game world where they can gather, interact, and take part in social activities.

This promises to strengthen the sense of community and camaraderie among players, regardless of faction.

Metalcore announces the official release date of Closed Beta 3

MetalCore is not left behind in terms of customization and progress

It offers advanced vehicle tuning options that allow players to customize their vehicles specific equipment adapted to their playing style.

This flexibility not only increases tactical strategy but it also provides more personalized and satisfying experience.

To reward the player efficiency and sacrifice, novel reward system based on monthly rankings is being implemented.

Those who achieve higher places in the rankings will receive exclusive rewards that encourage long-term competitiveness and commitment to the game.

To provide sleek and uninterrupted gaming experience, Metal core has committed significant resources to improvement stability and game performance.

This includes optimizations to reduce failures and suspensions, as well as improvements frame rate for more consistent and addictive gameplay.

With these thrilling changes and improvements on the horizon, Metal core is preparing to attract a novel wave of players as it continues to build a science fiction universe full of action and strategic depth.

Additional details and updates will be available as we get closer release date With Closed beta 3even promising more surprises and challenges for brave mercenaries heading to Kerberos.

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