MetalCore: a revolution in free-to-play and play-to-earn MMO games


Games like “Gala Games” and “Star Atlas” have demonstrated the potential of blockchain games to create immersive environments where players can earn real rewards. Following this trend, MetalCore stands out as a free-to-play, open-world sci-fi MMO where players fight in mechs and giant vehicles on the war-torn planet Kerberos.

The world of combat and strategy

MetalCore offers a deep and strategic combat experience. Players engage in epic PvP battles against others, team up for co-op PvE missions, and utilize a opulent crafting system to build and upgrade their arsenals. Players can choose a faction to fight for – Gearbreakers, Metal Punks, or Holy Corporation – each with a unique ideology and playstyle.

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Crafting and progression system

MetalCore features an extensive crafting system where players collect blueprints and resources to build and customize a devastating arsenal of mechs, vehicles and war machines.

By creating Baronies, player-led guilds, they can pool resources, share plans, and fight together to dominate the battlefield. The progression system allows players to climb the ranks, unlocking fresh skills, abilities and access to more powerful mechs and weapons.

Personalization and strategic depth

Players can personalize their mechs and vehicles with a variety of cosmetic options, expressing their individuality on the battlefield. MetalCore goes beyond basic shooting, emphasizing the strategic utilize of cover, teamwork, and objective-based tactics to achieve victory.

Game economy and the free-to-play model

The free-to-play model allows a wider group of players to experience MetalCore. Game mechanics to earn through $MCG rewards encourage lively participation and contribute to a balanced in-game economy. The MetalCore economy includes three types of currencies:
– Holy Credits: Soft in-game currency, earned throughout gameplay and used in various player progression loops.
– SHRINKS: MetalCore premium currency, purchased for key in-game activities.
– $MCG: ERC-20 token redeemable for SHARD and used for various exclusive in-game tools.

List on Bitget

MetalCore will be listed on Bitget, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, on June 26. Participants can join POOLX and stake BTC to mine a portion of 9,625,000 MCG. This auction provides investors and players with a fresh opportunity to take advantage of MetalCore’s unique features and growth potential.

Financial and strategic support

MetalCore is backed by leading gaming and blockchain companies including Delphi Digital, Bitkraft, Animoca Brands and Immutable. This financial and strategic support gives MetalCore a solid foundation to redefine the MMO experience and attract a powerful user community.

Key Features of MetalCore

1. Progression System: Players climb the ranks, unlocking fresh skills, abilities and access to more powerful mechs and weapons.
2. Customization: Players can customize their mechs and vehicles with various cosmetic options.
3. Barony Benefits and Progression: As Baronies gain power, members unlock exclusive benefits.
4. Strategic Depth: The game emphasizes the strategic utilize of cover, teamwork, and objective-based tactics.
5. Free-to-play with Play-to-Earn: The free-to-play model allows a wider group of players to experience the game, and $MCG rewards encourage lively participation.
6. Multi-Currency System: The MetalCore economy includes Holy Credits, SHARDS and the $MCG token for various in-game tools.

MetalCore represents a significant advancement in free-to-play and play-to-earn MMO games, offering users native returns and improving transaction efficiency on the blockchain. With powerful financial and strategic support, the platform is well-positioned to redefine the MMO gaming experience and attract a growing user community. Don’t miss the MetalCore auction on Bitget on June 26 and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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