Metal Gear Solid Delta fans love the Legacy filter and hate the Piss filter


Konami showed fans some of the modern features in the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater in a live show, Metal Gear – Production Hotline 01The film’s full subtitles give a nice glimpse of what’s to come, but they divide fans on one issue.

A petite portion of this video shows off the filters that players can apply to the game to change its look and feel. There are four in total: New Style/Normal, Retro, Legacy, and Sepia. After seeing all the options available, however, most fans have decided that Legacy is the best, with New Style/Normal being a good second choice. They’ve also dubbed the Sepia filter the “Piss Filter,” and they definitely won’t be using it once they get their hands on the game.

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Fans love the filter options in MGS Delta: Snake Eaterfor the most part

Fans have broken down the filter options into their prime factors Metal Gear Solid subredditwhere the Sepia filter got its rather unfortunate modern name. User MommyScissorLegs sums it up nicely, “the old color doesn’t make the game look like piss, it just weighs down the green a bit more, which is nice.”

But that’s not all the Piss Filter community hate. Some fans, like user zombierepublican, point out that the sepia filter can have its moments. “I feel like the game filter changes depending on the environment, like the first Ocelot fight was all yellow and the beginning was all green.”

For context, most MGS Delta: Snake EaterThe game environments will be incredibly green, lush, and dense like forests. Even when it’s pouring with rain, it looks stunningly green and dynamic. However, there are two main sections of the game that are parched and desert-like, and would probably look amazing if you used a Sepia filter.

Like most fans, I love the Legacy filter because it adds a layer of what I can only really describe as Vaseline to the visuals. It blurs them so there are no edged edges in the cutscenes except for faces. This was fairly common back in 2004 when the original game was released. However, in 2024, players prefer the stunning graphics where every edge looks stunningly edged.

It’s clear from this initial development update that a lot of work has gone into adapting to the needs of everyone MGS Delta: Snake Eater. Even the retro filter, while I find it gross, is probably exactly what some fans and newcomers have been waiting for. I’m glad older people like me are getting the Legacy filter so we don’t have to sit around and complain about how good everything looks at launch.

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