Meet the newest 2XKO champion, Braum, and the first details on PS5 playtests starting August 8


Hey everyone! My name is Shaun “Unconkable” Rivera, Game Director at 2XKO. 2XKO is our fresh free-to-play team-based fighting game featuring League of Legends champions, coming in 2025. Fight solo or with a friend in intense 2v2 battles and master powerful abilities, assists, and combos to take down your enemies.

Our team is led by Evo Founders Tom and Tony Cannon of Riot Games — the studio behind League of Legends and Valorant — are made up of developers with deep ties to the fighting game community, including former pro players, creators, and tournament organizers.

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2XKO is currently in development. We just revealed a fresh champion and announced Alpha Lab, the first home test of the game. Sign up to get a chance to play from August 8th.

Meet Braum, the heart of the Freljord

2XKO’s newest playable champion is Braum, a beloved champion with massive biceps and an even bigger heart. He joins the previously announced League of Legends remastered roster that includes Ahri, Yasuo, Ekko, Darius, and Illaoi.

Since 2v2 and playing with friends is at the heart of 2XKO, the team wanted to design a champion that would work well as a support character. Braum’s protective abilities make any duo partner shine.

Stand behind me

Early artistic concept of Braum with shield

Braum’s design revolves around his massive shield, which was once an indestructible door to an old vault, protecting his allies from incoming damage. Braum excels at disrupting and blocking enemy attacks, giving his team the space to execute devastating combos.

Defense is key to Braum’s gameplay, but he still has powerful offensive options. He gains a unique buff called Unbreakable when landing certain abilities, which coats Braum’s shield in ice and causes his special moves to deal more damage.

His kit also introduces a unique freeze mechanic to 2XKO. By activating the magic of his shield, Braum can gain additional armor and freeze opponents.

Clouds of fury

Early artistic concept of Braum’s beloved poros

Braum’s sultry and infectious personality lends itself to forming friendships with poros—magical creatures native to the icy Freljord, Braum’s home region.

Braum’s little friends are ready to aid him in any way they can, whether it’s flying through the air to stop fleeing enemies or combining to form a giant ball of fluff that deals massive damage.

Register for 2XKO Alpha Lab

To learn more about Braum’s kit and gameplay, watch the champion’s introduction coming tomorrow, July 10, on the 2XKO YouTube channel.

To try out Braum and 2XKO on PlayStation 5, sign up for a chance to participate in the Alpha Lab—our first home test—starting August 8 in select regions. Those selected to participate will receive a friend invite code. Sign up for more details on Alpha Lab Website.

2XKO will also be available to play at Evo 2024. Follow our social channels for the latest news and live coverage from the event.

Thanks for reading. We’re excited to hear what you think about 2XKO.

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