Latest Elden Ring patch still doesn’t fix performance issues


FromSoftware has released a minor update for Ring of Fire July 4th will bring some balance changes and fix some bugs in the game after its release The shadow of the Erd tree expansion. But those changes were overshadowed by growing player frustration with From’s approach to fixing the game’s persistent performance issues.

On all platforms, but especially on PC, Ring of Fire suffers from an inconsistent frame rate that struggles to reliably hit 60fps, even in the game’s performance mode. However, From has rarely directly addressed this issue in patches, often suggesting players make adjustments themselves.

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In patch notes 1.12.3From included a section titled “Possible Fixes for Unstable Performance”. In it, the developer suggested PlayStation 5 players experiencing unstable frame rates to restart their consoles in Safe Mode and utilize the “rebuild database” option. PC players were instructed to disable third-party mouse applications and ensure that ray tracing was not accidentally enabled. And From asked PC players who see an unwarranted anti-cheat message to “verify the integrity of the game files before restarting the game”.

“It is absolutely crazy to me that instead of improving performance, they still recommend a placebo,” he wrote. one commenter on Reddit“Performance issues? We think it’s you, yes. Now go do things that no other game requires because it’s your PC/PS5’s fault” another wrote.

Gaming technology experts Digital Foundry recently revisited their analysis Ring of Fire After The shadow of the Erd treeedition and discovered that “long-term technical problems remain unresolved.”

Elsewhere in the patch notes, From noted changes that were actually made to improve the game, including nerfing the Swift Slash ability in player-vs-player combat, extending the range of the Smithscript Dagger and Cirque caster attack, and changing the placement of bosses in the second encounters with Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius. From also fixed a number of bugs, including one that caused enemies to constantly heal after their health was reduced by Tiche’s Black Knife summoning.

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