Latest Elden Ring patch says mouse may be the cause of performance issues


Elden Ring has another patch that tinkers with Shadow Of The Erdtree’s weapons, fixes a few bugs, and yet does nothing about the game’s performance issues. That perfume and lightning combo? It’s been scrapped. Favorite summoner Blackknife Tiche? Fixed a certain health regeneration bug so no one is fooled into thinking she’s been nerfed a lot since Shadow Lands came out.

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In the latest patch, FromSoftware acknowledged the performance issues and told us to check if Ray Tracing was automatically enabled in the graphics settings, disable it, and then see if the frame rates and stuttering improved. Well… that’s still their advice in this latest patch. Oh, and to check if you have any “third-party apps that control mouse behavior.” Apparently, disabling them “may improve performance,” which is certainly the definition of advice.

From clearly watched the perfume bottle antics, because they completely ruined the fun. No more bosses being destroyed in a matter of seconds. And there are other bug fixes, including one that caused “summoned NPCs to behave differently than expected under certain circumstances.” Most of my summoned buddies were fine, but I saw some people regret a specific NPC that was attacking from the air in a fight that I won’t spoil.

I’m glad they fixed the bug with Tiche’s Black Knife where enemies healed themselves by gradually burning the HP she put on them as it wore off. For most of the time I was reviewing it I thought I was losing my mind, which to be fair I certainly did when I was facing those fiery furnace guys.

Elsewhere, a certain Golden Hippopotamus boss had his unblockable bite attack nerfed, so he won’t connect with players as easily. Can we just make him docile and rideable like Torrent now? Cheers.

There are a few other changes in Description of changesSo if you want to absorb every little detail, be sure to read this.

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