June 2024 Honor of Kings Tier List


Whether you’re a midlaner or a planeswalker, our global Honor of Kings tier list is here to facilitate you climb the leaderboards and claim victory. With such a wide range of HOK characters to choose from, we’ve gone through each of them and ranked them by win rate, pick/ban rate, and how they perform in each role. After all, we all know that your chances of winning in a competitive MOBA game are as good as the character you choose.

If you’re looking for some extra cash to facilitate you get one of the S-Rank heroes, check out our Honor of Kings cheats guide and get even more goodies with an Honor of Kings giveaway. If you’re curious, we also have a guide explaining the differences between Honor of Kings and League of Legends.

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Here’s everything from our Honor of Kings tier list.

Honor of Kings general tier list

Here’s our overall HOK tier list, ranking every character currently available in the game. These rankings and the individual role tier rankings below are based in part on official data provided by HOK Camp (win, pick and ban percentage), as well as our personal experience with the game.

Please note that tier lists are for guidance only and are subject to change with future patches and updates.

Rung HOK sign
S Angela, Dolia, Heino, Hou Yi, Lady Zhen, Lam, Luban No. 7, Prince Lanling
AND Alessio, Allain, Biron, Consort Yu, Donghuang, Fang, Kaizer, Lady Sun, Li Xin, Luara, Marco Polo, Milady, Mozi, Musashi, Nakoruru, Princess Frost, Wukong, Yaria
B Arli, Arthur, Butterfly, Cai Yan, Daji, Di Renjie, Dian Wei, Diaochan, Dun, Fuzi, Garo, Kongming, Kui, Li Bai, Lian Po, Liang, Liu Shan, Lu Bu, Mayene, Shangguan, Shouyue, Sun Ce, Xiao Qiao, Ying, Zhang Fei, Zhou Yu
C Agudo, Ata, Athena, Charlotte, Cirrus, Da Qiao, Dharma, Dr Bian, Erin, Gan & Mo, Gao, Guan Yu, Guiguzi, Han Xu, Huang Zhong, Jing, Liu Bei, Luna, Mai Shiranui, Menki, Ming , Mulan, Nezha, Nuwa, Pei, Sima Yi, Sun Bin, Ukyo Tachibana, Wuyan, Xiang Yu, Yang Jian, Yuhuan, Zhuangzi, Zilong

Honor of Kings collision line tier list

Characters best suited to the battle lane are usually warriors or fighter/tank hybrids, as this position requires a warrior with durability and high damage output, capable of dominating enemies, defeating mobs, and sometimes making a valiant charge.

Here are the best figures from the HOK collision linein the ranking from S to D.

Rung HOK sign
S Not applicable
AND Allain, Biron, Kaiser, Li Xin
B Arthur, Dun, Lian Po, Lu Bu, Mayene, Sun Ce
C Ata, Charlotte, Dharma, Fuzi, Guan Yu, Mulan, Nezha, Wuyan, Xiang Yu, Yang Jian

Honor of Kings mid lane tier list

The characters best suited for mid lane are usually mages, in immense part due to their powerful ranged attacks. Mid lane is quite popular when it comes to teamfights because it is the shortest route between enemy crystals, so the mid laner’s main priority should be clearing out waves of minions and pushing as demanding as possible to protect their own crystal.

Here are the best HoK mid lane charactersin the ranking from S to D.

Rung HOK sign
S Angela, Heino, Lady Zhen
AND Milady, Kino, Princess Frost
B Daji, Diaochan, Kongming, Liang, Shangguan, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu
C Doctor Bian, Gan and Mo, Gao, Mai Shiranui, Nuwa, Yuhuan

Honor of Kings farm tier list

The farm offers a lot of gold and experience, and the best characters in this lane usually act as a sharpshooter. However, while marksman characters can deal a lot of damage, they are also low on HP, which means that lane farming leaves you quite vulnerable and relies on you executing well-thought-out strategies, quickly farming enemy minions, and having little facilitate from support characters – especially in the early game.

Here are the best characters from HOK farm, in the ranking from S to D.

Rung HOK sign
S Hou Yi, Lubań No. 7
AND Alessio, Consort Yu, Fang, Lady Sun, Luara, Marco Polo
B Arli, Di Renjie, Garo, Shouyue
C Erin, Huang Zhong

Honor of Kings Tier List - Artwork of Honor of Kings Lam holding dueling swords as a water shark jumps behind him

Honor of Kings jungle tier list

As the name suggests, junglers focus on eliminating monsters in the jungle to gain buffs, money, and EXP, and then roam around the map, jumping into battles to facilitate defeat enemy champions and crystals. Currently, the best characters for a jungle role are usually assassins or warriors, mainly due to their high DPS and damage output.

Here are the best HoK junglers, in the ranking from S to D.

Rung HOK sign
S Lam, Prince of Lanling
AND Musashi, Nakoruru, Wukong
B Butterfly, Dian Wei, Li Bai, Ying
C Agudo, Athena, Cirrus, Han Xin, Jing, Liu Bei, Luna, Menki, Pei, Sima Yi, Ukyo Tachibana, Zilong

Honor of Kings Roaming Tier List

Roaming heroes, also known as support heroes, play an significant role in Honor of Kings matches – and in a completely different way than supports generally work in LoL. Instead of sticking to a single DPS, supports in this game roam the map, gaining vision of the map and enemy locations, then offering healing, buffs, and a helping hand to any ally who needs it.

Here are the best HoK roamers (or the best HoK helpers, if you prefer)in the ranking from S to D.

Rung HOK sign
S Dolia
AND Donghuang, Yaria
B Cai Yan, Kui, Liu Shan, Zhang Fei
C Da Qiao, Guiguzi, Ming, Sun Bin, Zhuangzi
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How to unlock novel characters from Honor of Kings?

As with any MOBA game, you can purchase Honor of Kings characters with in-game currency. However, there are many other ways to acquire novel heroes.

If you are a novel player, you can choose your first hero right after installing the game. This will be followed by the 7-Day New Player Login event, which allows you to earn four champions for free over the course of seven days. You can also draw champions and skins for free in the store using the Honor Points you earn by completing novel player missions.

You can then get more heroes using the following methods:

  • Events – Limited-time events like Road to Greatness allow you to earn free characters by completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones, such as climbing the leaderboards
  • Make friends and play matches – if you add a friend and then play three matches with him, you will receive 100 diamonds and a bag of gold, which you can then exploit to purchase items and heroes in the in-game store

Now that you know the best heroes from our Honor of Kings tier list, you may want to discover the best League of Legends: Wild Rift heroes using our Wild Rift tier list. If you’re looking for more rankings, we also have an Anime Last Stand tier list.

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