Jango Fett returns in the enhanced version of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, coming to PS5 on August 1


Start your hunt on August 1; Star Wars: Bounty Hunter will be released on PS5 and PS4. Let’s take a look at what to expect, including unique PlayStation 5 features, visual improvements, and the ability to play as the next iconic bounty hunter…

For the uninitiated, you play as Jango Fett in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The galaxy’s most fearless bounty hunter is hired to capture the deranged Dark Jedi. Jango takes on the task armed with an array of deadly weapons and tools, including dual blasters, a flamethrower, toxic darts, jet missiles and more. Suit up and hunt your prey, picking off the galactic scum along the way.

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Visual improvements

Improved environmental textures: To give the environment more depth and texture, we added bump maps. The result is a richer environment that feels a bit more newfangled.

New lighting effects: With vigorous lighting we now see more color and effect throughout the environment. Each projectile from Jango’s blasters will glow at full speed.

New flashlight hardware: If you ever thought some areas were gloomy, we did it too. We’ve added a flashlight to navigate these darker areas.

PlayStation 5 features

Exclusively for PS5 gamers, we’ve taken full advantage of DualSense wireless controller technology to enhance your bounty hunter experience. Let’s take a look.

Integrated adaptive triggers:Each weapon in Jango’s arsenal now has a unique rhythm.

Voice communication: We redirected Jango’s in-game radio communications to play through the DualSense wireless controller’s speaker to provide a completely modern, immersive experience.

The airy bar connects to the health bar: Use the airy bar on your controller as a visual indicator of Jango’s current health.

Bringing back Boba Fett

The most dedicated fans of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter may have heard of an Easter egg left in the game. A very low-resolution texture with a message written in Aurebesh— “Use all the rewards to play as Boba.”

Although the message existed, the function did not. So even if you hit 100% in your save file, you could only play as Jango Fett.

We’ve brought this Easter egg to life, so once you complete the campaign, you’ll be able to equip the modern Boba Fett skin for your next playthrough.

We hope you enjoy revisiting Jango’s origin story! See you August 1 on PS5 and PS4.

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