It took me 7 hours to beat the final boss in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and people are already destroying it without taking a single hit


Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is probably the hardest thing FromSoftware has ever made—or at least its bosses. It took me all of one sweaty, stressful day off to beat the expansion’s mega-difficult final boss, but challenge runners are already putting it to shame, with a no-hit, first-level cutscene and potentially even crazier battle scenes.

Below are spoilers for the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree.

That would be OJ on YouTube he claims the right to the world’s first no-hit match against Promised Consort Radahn. I don’t know if any governing board or athletic commission approves this, but given the file’s upload date of June 22nd (just one day after the expansion’s release), I’m inclined to believe it.

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They used an fascinating build to do this, with Miséricorde’s fire dagger and Wolf Crest Shield with a Carian Retaliation parry. Like Malenia, Radahn’s three-attack parry leaves him open to a critical hit, while Miséricorde has the highest critical modifier (and therefore some of the highest potential critical damage) in the game⁠—OJ’s Estus jumped out of the way of Radahn’s more labor-intensive combos to simply punch through his health bar after a triple-strike with his sword.

Ongbalameanwhile, he’s been one of my favorite Souls challenge guys since Elden Ring originally came out. They’ve put out three different Radahn videos without any hits, but the most impressive one is definitely no hit fight, no blessing, level oneIn this case, Ongbal is wielding the heavily armored Pure Gold Knight Sword, apparently one of the best weapons you can apply with a first-level character’s circumscribed stats.

Ongbal relies mostly on flawless play to win the fight, but he also shows off an venerable sailor’s trick you might want to consider using against Radahn: the Raptor of the Mists’ Ashes of War allows you to easily and cleanly avoid Radahn’s holy nuke if you don’t have time to escape.

Lots of other people have posted other no-hit fights or actual fights, but I’m more interested in the future of Radahn’s ridiculous challenges. MyszInATutu specializes in level one, no hits, without rolling boss victories that rely solely on spacing out and sprinting to avoid boss attacks, a level of self-denial that puts haughty teetotalers to shame. MouseInATutu and this guy I knew in college who played Dark Souls 1 in a window at 20fps on a MacBook Air with WASD for movement and the arrow keys for the camera may be the only people who ever truly “got good.”

So far, MouseInATutu has given the dancing lion this version, To fill inGolden Hippo and Midra DLCs—it’s not even clear if defeating Radahn without hitting or throwing is feasible, but I can’t wait to see if MouseInATutu can pull it off.

Speaking of future contenders for victory over Radahn, after a three-hour fight for his first victory over Radahn, the folk hero Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her would like to win against him without getting hit one day. And at the other end of all this is to create the most sturdy version possible to win a fight without dodging, blocking, and “all hits” against Radahn.

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