It looks like Palworld is coming to PlayStation


One of the creators of Palworld, popular on Steam and Xbox, announced the release of a version on PlayStation.

Pocketpair community head Bucky tweeted, adding blue hearts to Palworld’s existing black (PC), green (Xbox), and white (Mac) hearts. Blue is, of course, the color of PlayStation’s branding. In this context, a launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 now seems likely.

Called “Pokémon with Guns,” Palworld launched in early access in January 2024 on PC via Steam and Xbox as a day-one title on Game Pass. It gained enormous popularity overnight, becoming one of the biggest game premieres of all time. But it is also one of the most controversial. – said Pocketpair his staff received death threats over claims of Pokémon “scam”., which she denied. Soon after its launch, Nintendo moved quickly to remove the eye-catching Pokémon modThen The Pokemon company issued a statementsaying, “We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any activities that infringe intellectual property rights relating to Pokémon.” IGN asked lawyers whether Nintendo could successfully sue.

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Player numbers have dropped over the last half-year, but adding a PS5 version would certainly give Palworld a shot in the arm. Whether Nintendo would give the green featherlight to a Switch release is, of course, a completely different matter.

Meanwhile, Palworld is getting a major novel update this week called Sakurajima. Increases the level cap, adds novel friends, a novel raid, a novel faction and boss, and a completely novel island. This update also includes dedicated Xbox servers, something the game has noticeably lacked until now.

IGN’s Palworld Early Access review gave it an 8/10. We said: “Palworld may benefit a little from Pokémon homework, but its deep survival mechanics and fun approach make it hard to put down – even in Early Access.”

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