Introducing the novel M2E dApp, the Move To Play collectible RPG game CryptoHunter.World.



Welcome! In CryptoHunter.World, a combination of Collectible RPG and M2E, hunters can hunt and experience adventures with various cryptids (monsters). You will meet countless Cryptids, become friends or enemies and go through various trials together to see who is stronger.

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M2E + P2E
CryptoHunter.World is the world’s first GPS-based Move to Play service that combines M2E and P2E.
By combining P2E, which generates revenue by playing games, and M2E, which generates revenue through external user activities, it provides hunters (users) with a familiar yet novel experience. Hunters in CryptoHunter.World collect cryptids, experience adventures and receive rewards.

MODES – (Adventure Mode, Hunter Mode)
CryptoHunter.World measures users’ walking speed and activity using GPS functionality. This feature plays an significant role in preventing P2E fraud and maintaining a stable economic model of the token.

  • Adventure Mode (Web2)
    Adventure Mode is a service available to free users. Although users cannot obtain blockchain tokens, they can enjoy the core game system and provide Web2 users with the opportunity to participate naturally in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Hunter Mode (Web3)
    This mode is only available to users with NFT blockchain shoes and measures hunters’ movement speed and activity based on GPS. When Hunter Mode is turned on, Hunters can encounter various Cryptids that they can fight or capture. The longer you walk, the greater your chances of encountering occasional cryptids. Users can receive daily rewards in the form of tokens depending on the distance traveled and various activities with Cryptid (battles, captures).

Let’s start our adventure together!
Start a novel adventure in CryptoHunter.World! Collect different cryptids, compete with friends and receive rewards.

The premiere of the CryptoHunter.World BETA service is scheduled for July-August.
If you want to receive various news and information, please follow the CryptoHunter.World media channel below.
More updates and news will be published in the future.

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