Intelbroker claims to have hacked Apple in the same week as AMD


Intelbroker, a notorious criminal, has certainly been busy this week, claiming to have hacked AMD and now Apple. On Thursday, they posted on the forum that they had managed to access the internal source code of three Apple tools, just a day after a similar claim involving AMD, the report said. Cyberexpress. Apple has not yet confirmed the breach, but the potential impact could be significant.

Intelbroker published a post on BreachForums announcing that it has obtained the source code for AppleConnect-SSO, Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced, and AppleMacroPlugin for internal operate. AppleConnect-SSO is for authenticating on the Apple network, Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced is likely for internal information sharing, and AppleMacroPlugin facilitates internal processes, suggests The Cyber ​​Express.

Intelbroker’s post did not specify whether the data was for sale, but a screenshot from the forum shared by Hackmanac indicated such a possibility – reports 9 to 5Mac. It should be noted that Dark Web forums frequently verify data to prevent fraud, and Intelbroker’s growing reputation suggests trustworthiness. However, in such situations there is always a risk of false claims, so take this news with a pinch of salt.

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The situation remains unconfirmed as Apple did not respond to a request for comment from The Cyber ​​Express. There is also a lack of reports of the alleged breach at leading news agencies such as Bloomberg and Reuters. For obvious reasons, verifying the breach would require Apple to patch the vulnerabilities and improve security measures to prevent further damage. This highlights the ongoing cybersecurity challenges for technology companies.

If the breach is confirmed, it could expose security vulnerabilities and threaten Apple’s internal operations. While the company is known for powerful security (and maintaining complete secrecy when working on projects), it has still faced cyber threats in the past, according to the report.

In addition to the potential breach of AMD’s internal network earlier this week (which AMD says will not have a material impact), IntelBroker’s history of high-profile breaches adds weight to these claims. Previous victims include Europol, Panda Buy, Home Depot, General Electric, USCIS and Facebook Marketplace.

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