Increase your influence: the ToON leader’s tutorial


Every game becomes more engaging when you play it with friends. You can compete, share tips for higher earnings, discuss updates, and attend events together. And what better place to unite all other ToON users than a Telegram group?

Our recent one TOON leader functionality allows you to add a bot to a Telegram group. It will aid you manage a group, collect commands in one place and play together.

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⭐ Join your network seamlessly
Leave the administrative work to our bot
Increase your earnings
⭐ Expand your influence in the ecosystem
⭐ Have fun exploring the game together

Step 1

Create a Telegram group by tapping the square icon in the top right corner of the Telegram app. To choose New group. You don’t need to add friends at this point; our bot will invite your commands later when you add them. Name the group and click Create.

Step 2

get back to ToON Nationopen the Invite section, select the Program Leader tab and tap Get started.

Step 3

Tap on Add a bot and select the newly created group from the list.

Give the bot the permissions it asks for when adding it as an administrator:

  • Change group information
  • Delete messages
  • Block users
  • Invite users via link
  • Pin messages
  • Manage video chats
  • Add recent administrators

Then tap Add the bot as an administrator button and confirm. Then go back to the app and click Check completion. Now everything is ready!

Step 4

Invite first level referrals by tapping Invite your referrals: Group invitations will be sent to your current and future referrals.

We will soon add recent features and functionalities related to groups. In the meantime, get ready for your first delivery, stay up to date with updates and invite your friends using your referral link. Exciting things ahead!

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