Illuvium reveals details of transition from Preseason 1 to Preseason 2 test network


  • Illuvium has announced the transition to the second season of its Testnet Airdrop pre-seasonstrengthening its development and engaging the gaming community.
  • The first preparatory season will end on June 30, 2024.focusing on accumulating ILV points and rewarding participants with ILV 20,000.
  • Preseason 2, starting July 1, 2024 will present recent missions and opportunities to earn ILV points, including daily and weekly tasks and point multiplier rewards.

Illuvium announced its transition to Preseason 2 your test dump, which is a key step in its development and promotes the dynamic participation of its players community. This recent phase follows the successful completion of Pre-Season 1, which focused on accumulating ILV points andwill end on June 30, 2024.

During the first preseason, Illuvium allocated 20,000 ILV in rewards to participants, who can now start claiming their tokens with a three-month vesting period starting from the closing date. The process ensures players can unlock 50% of their rewards immediately, with the remainder distributed gradually over the next three monthsAny claims submitted outside the designated period will result in the loss of the unspent portion, which will be returned to the state treasury for future initiatives.

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Illuvium uses community feedback

Looking to the future, Pre-Season 2 will focus on specific missions designed to enhance the gameplay experience and maintain the interest of the community. With an extra one 10,000 ILV added, this phase introduces variety daily and weekly tasksand the long-term achievements they offer more points and point multipliersTo keep the gameplay lively, the game will also include time-limited missions.

Illuvium Mail

The Illuvium community has played a key role in the development process, providing feedback that helped improve and balance the game. While there were debates about the points structure during the first pre-season, the insights gained played a key role in the evolution of the project. This phase also significantly accelerated data collection and economic adjustmentslaying the foundation for future improvements and changes.

Pre-season 2 is scheduled to start on July 1, 2024. after the game update. Illuvium invites all players, recent and returning, to actively participate and take advantage of the opportunity to compete on equal terms for the remaining prizes.

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