If you want to play this awesome Fallout London mod, you’ll need to downgrade to the “next-gen” version of Fallout 4


We haven’t written enough about Fallout London, the massive total conversion of Fallout 4 that takes place on an entirely up-to-date map based on the English capital Big Smoke and/or Great Wen, whose real-life incarnation likely harbors at least one nuke at any given time, though I haven’t asked the King about that recently. Best not to speculate.

Anyway, Fallout London is a massive undertaking by the modders at Team Folon, and it was recently sabotaged when Bethesda rolled out an update to Fallout 4 to capitalize on the popularity of the Amazon TV show, which resulted in several mods becoming incompatible and a lot of things breaking. Team Folon has now gotten their act together and I sent a version of Fallout London to GOG for QA testingwhich suggests a release is imminent. The catch, however, is that you’ll need to downgrade your copy of Fallout 4 to play the mod, because even with last-minute fixes from Team Folon, next-gen Fallout 4 and Fallout London simply don’t get along.

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Although I think the scale of the reaction to the “next-gen” refresh of Fallout 4 was perhaps slightly exorbitant, as revenge often is, Fallout London seems worth the discount. It’s said to be roughly the size of the Commonwealth map from the main game and the Far Harbor DLC combined, and stretches across the capital’s boroughs from Camden to Croydon, Westminster to Hackney.

You’ll be battling Super Mutants or their local equivalent on Tower Bridge and combing the Houses of Parliament for skeletal images, with no political metaphors whatsoever. Everyday sights and sounds will include pubs, tube stations, red telephone boxes and buses. A very British apocalypse. Having recently moved just outside London where there’s minimal nitrogen dioxide or rhyming Cockney slang, this is as good a way as any to walk these streets again.

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