If you want to play Elden Ring as the mighty Bare-Fisted Dryleaf Monk (but don’t want to wait 100 levels), this mod lets you get the Shadow of the Erdtree gear right away


Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has added dozens of weapons to the game’s already 300-strong set list – if you’re looking for the basics, you can read our Legendary Weapons Guide by our very own Sean Martin, though I recommend allowing yourself to discover them spoiler-free on your first playthrough .

However, if you finish and dust off the DLC, you may see a whole bunch of cold stuff and decide: hey, I’d love to play as a Dryleaf Arts monk. After all, Margit should have grabbed these hands a long time ago.

You may quickly recall that you need to be around level 100 to kill Radahn and Mohg to access the DLC – unless you’re one of those level 1 players in ailing mode, and even then it takes a ton of preparation and practice could spend kicking Tree Guardian in his stupid face.

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Well, never be afraid Glorious Merchant is here to enable your fantasies. An older add-on created by Nexus Mod’s Tomclarkthis mod places every weapon in the game – including the Shadow of the Erdtree set – on Merchant Kale, the first goods trader you meet in the Church of Elleh.

You could say that this pretty much ruins the whole point of discovery in Elden Ring – and you’ll be completely precise. However, FromSoftware also has a habit of locking out perfectly good weapon options behind progression gates. Such as, coincidentally, Dryleaf Arts.

The ability to perform cold punches and kicks is unfortunately locked behind a shocker (get ready) eight strength and eight dexterity – but to catch them, you have to take down bosses that require 100 levels for all but the stupidest, not to mention Rellan and the deadly glow sticks.

I’m not saying this is a problem per se, but I totally empathize with wanting to create a nice theme build without having to play dozens of hours of the game first. Besides, if you’ve already cleared the game a few times and beaten Shadow of the Erdtree, you’ve already had the intended FromSoftware experience in Miyazaki’s latest hellscape, so why not?

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