Idle Ninja Online teams up with Immutable X!


Idle Ninja Online

We are pleased to announce that Idle Ninja Online has joined Immutable X, powered by Polygon!

Why Immutable X?

Immutable X has been the representative blockchain dedicated to global web3 games since 2018. With the integration with zkEVM, game publishers from major studios to independent game developers can run NFT games stably and quickly on Ethereum Layer 2.

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Additionally, a well-designed, secure wallet (Immutable Passport) and NFT marketplace can make it easier for players to access web3 features, even if they are not familiar with it – transactions, gas, etc.

– In harmony with INO critical update of “Gold Rush” In September we plan to introduce a dedicated server for immutable-zkEVM.

  • IDLE Token will be restarted with this event. The IDLE token is a universal web3 token for all games managed by Puzzle Monsters.
  • With the Gold Rush event, novel Mining features will be updated in the game. Players will have their own territory, used to mine in-game materials as well as IDLE tokens.
  • For more detailed information about this update, please follow the official INO communities.




Integration Roadmap with Immutable zkEVM

IDLE Token TGE and Land Minting Phase 1 will be held on zkEVM in August. Land and tokens can be used immediately in the game “Gold Rush”, which is scheduled to be updated in September.

Additional minting of coins is planned for September and in the fourth quarter of 2024, which will be accompanied by appropriate price increases.

The token and Land IDLE, which will be issued this time via the immutable zkEVM, will also be used in the novel game token economy, scheduled for release early next year. It will implement the concept of web3 asset persistence between games to realize a true blockchain game economy.

Idle Ninja Online (INO) is Korea’s #1 blockchain-based P2E Mobile RPG game where players develop their ninjas and experience a unique idle and action gameplay style. INO has launched its own token (NINKY) and NFT (INARI) to further connect the INO world to the blockchain system.

Immutable X is a Layer 2 scaling solution that provides NFT Infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. With a mission to power the next generation of Web3 gaming, Immutable X aims to improve both the user and developer experience by offering seamless gameplay, lightning-fast transaction speeds, and gas-free, fully carbon-neutral NFT creation.

Stay tuned for Puzzle Monsters’ Web3 Journey with Immutable X!

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