How to Use the Grenade Launcher in Helldivers 2 to Maximize Kills


Hell Divers 2 presents players with Major Orders to lend a hand them manage the Second Galactic War. However, there are also Personal Orders, smaller objectives that players can complete in one or two missions to boost their Requisition Slips and purchase additional equipment, such as the Grenade Launcher.

Almost all Personal Orders revolve around killing something, usually with a specific weapon. However, they are challenging to complete if you don’t know how those weapons and Stratagems work, and what you should be combining them with. I found the Grenade Launcher to be particularly hard to master, as it blurs the line between these elements of your regular builds.

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How to Use a Grenade Launcher to Maximize Kills Hell Divers 2

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The best way to exploit a grenade launcher to maximize kills Hell Divers 2 is of course to summon it at the start of a mission and exploit it against anything you see. It’s a pretty powerful weapon, capable of killing compact enemies and dealing a lot of damage to armored enemies. Its only problem is breaking through and dealing damage to the biggest things in the game, like tanks.

If you exploit it from the first minute of a mission, you’ll rack up kills in no time, but it has confined ammo. You’ll go through it quickly on higher difficulties, so don’t be afraid to call in supplies to keep the grenade raining down.

Don’t forget what this weapon is. It’s effortless to think of it as a slightly more powerful shotgun, but it’s much better. I’ve destroyed dropships and Hulks with it by simply firing an entire clip at them. It’s far from capable, but it gets the job done when nothing else works.

It’s a good idea to holster your weapon while completing objectives, as you’ll be near other Helldivers. I found myself accidentally blowing us all up more than once. A good alternative is to find a vantage point and blast enemies with every grenade you have until you run out of ammo.

One thing you need to watch out for is enemies shooting at your grenades as you launch them. This has happened to me more than once and it instantly kills your Helldiver. Interestingly, it also rips their arms off. You can survive this with the right armor, but it will cost you at least one Stim to survive.

How to get a grenade launcher Hell Divers 2

helldivers 2 grenade launcher purchase
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To get a grenade launcher Hell Divers 2you must purchase it from the Stratagems tab in the Ship Management menu. It costs 8000 Requisition Slips, but it is worth every one of them for the destruction it causes on the battlefield.

The best equipment for a grenade launcher in Hell Divers 2

grenade launcher equipment in helldivers 2
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The best equipment for a grenade launcher in Hell Divers 2 is the one you feel most comfortable with. It’s always best to exploit Stratagems that you know well enough to throw as if it were as effortless as putting one foot in front of the other. However, I have a decent loadout that I exploit if you want something that plays to the weapon’s strengths.

The Grenade Launcher is a great weapon, but you have to move slowly to reload it. That’s why you need the Guard Dog backpack to keep enemies from getting too close. I like to set up a minefield nearby when I’m going to stop and take out a group of enemies, especially if there’s a target you need to stay close to. Finally, the Precision Orbital Strike is incredibly useful in missions and for taking out weighty enemies that catch you off guard after a session of exploding bugs and bots.

Choose what you know when it comes to weapons and Boosters. They are always better when they are what you are used to, as Stratagems simply boost what you have. They should be an additional aspect of your build that is mainly built around the weapons you can get the most kills with.

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