How to Unlock the Second Floor in Random Game Mode in Zenless Zone Zero


Developer miHoYo is known for making games that have some of the longest platinum runs, at least on PlayStation consoles. However, in Ground Zero without ZenYou can speed up the game by earning straightforward trophies early on, but there are a few, like the “The House Is Quite Big After All” trophy, that can be missed.

The trophy “The house is quite big after all” can be obtained by unlocking the second floor in Random Game mode Ground Zero without Zen. This is the movie rental store where the game’s main character lives and conducts his daily business. The only problem is that this trophy may be bugged, so you’ll have to perform a very specific set of moves to trigger it and make sure you don’t miss what should be an automatic bronze trophy in the game.

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How to unlock the second floor in random game mode Ground Zero without Zen

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To unlock the second floor of the random game mode in Ground Zero without Zenyou have to continue the main story until the moment when completed the Proxy and the Hare mission. This is a very early mission that you’ll come across while you’re still learning the ropes, though it’s definitely the most tough mission in the tutorial segment.

Once completed, you’ll be tasked with going to your room and going to bed. Both are on the second floor of Random Play, so you can run upstairs and rest. While this should automatically trigger the associated trophy, it didn’t for me. It requires extra work.

How to unlock the “The house is quite big after all” trophy in the game Ground Zero without Zen

the house is finally quite big, a trophy in ground zero without zen
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To unlock the trophy “The house is finally quite big” Ground Zero without Zenyou need to go up in Random Play and walk around the landing pad here until you find a ladder. Then go up to that ladder and that should activate the trophy unlock.

I have no idea why this works and the trophy doesn’t automatically appear. It may have something to do with the ladder being the original waypoint to reach a specific location, but it’s more likely an oversight, since this trophy does eventually trigger. It just requires you to run around the second floor until you hit the right spot.

Once you earn this trophy, you’ll earn all the trophies you’ve earned up to that point. If you’re earning the platinum trophy on PS5, you’ll just have to keep playing, as you’re still locked into the main story and can’t earn any optional trophies.

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