How to Unlock Anby’s Problem Bounty in Zenless Zone Zero


As you can see from their profiles, completing the Anby Problem contract is a requirement if you want to unlock the trust system for all playable agents in the part. Ground Zero without Zen to throw.

But how exactly can you do that? Here’s how to unlock Anby’s Problem in Ground Zero without Zenand an overview of how the game’s trust system works.

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How to Unlock Anby’s Problem Commission in Zenless Zone Zero

You can unlock Anby’s problem in ZZZ following the main quest guidelines to go to bed after completing Mission Unthinkable and reaching Inter-Knot level 31. After going to bed, you will receive a text message from Anby asking how good you are at math. Your answer to the text message does not matter, but don’t you dare be rude.

After talking to her, talk to Belle/Wise the next morning to familiarize yourself with the in-game Contacts feature. Now, simply message Anby to officially start Anby’s Problem. To recap, here’s how to unlock and start the Anby’s Problem bounty in Ground Zero without Zen:

  • Complete the “Unthinkable” mission in Chapter 2 Interlude.
  • Reach level 31 Inter-Knot.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Talk to your siblings.
  • Message for Anby.

How trust works in ZZZ

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Just like it works in Person series, trust system in Ground Zero without Zen will allow you to earn rewards based on how deeply you get to know your agents. Each agent’s Trust Meter will be unlocked after completing their first Trust Event. You can check the requirements to unlock the event in the selected character’s profile.

Once you unlock an event for your chosen agent, their Trust Meter will boost after you complete outings with them or after you respond in certain ways in conversations. Once you reach certain Trust milestones, you will unlock the corresponding promotion task. Higher Trust levels will also make the agent more discoverable in more locations around the city. They will also be able to request video recordings and more. You can only bring an agent once per day, and up to three can be invited per game cycle.

As your Trust Level increases, you will also gain access to rewards and fresh sections in that character’s bio. You can check out the rewards you will receive for raising the Trust Level of all agents below:

  • Trust Level 1 (Friendly) Reward:Three advanced chips matching the agent’s attribute, 20x polychrome and 5,000 Denny
  • Trust Level 2 (Closed) Reward:Agent Affinity Passive Skill, 30x Polychrome and 15,000 Denny
  • Trust Level 3 (Trusted) Reward:Set Agent Wallpaper, 30x Polychrome and 15,000 Denny

Now that you know how to unlock Anby’s Problem bounty, be sure to check out how to unlock the Mechanic and get Drive Disks. Ground Zero without Zen.

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