How to Promote Agents in Zenless Zone Zero


Agents are characters you unlock to play as during missions in Ground Zero without Zen. The game’s gacha mechanics revolve around earning Master Tapes, which can be pulled from banners, but the odds are never on your side. Once you have them, you can promote them, but it’s not a uncomplicated process.

Every Agent you unlock Ground Zero without Zen has levels. As you would expect from any RPG game like this, leveling up these Agents makes them stronger and improves their combat skills. Eventually, you’ll need to promote them as part of your in-game goal, for the PS5 trophies, and since you won’t get very far if you don’t push them to be better, it’s a complicated process, though, largely due to the nature of the resources required.

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To promote an agent in Ground Zero without Zenyou must first level them up to their current max level. If they are a fresh Agent, this is level 10. You will then have the option to promote them when you re-select their level, but you must have the appropriate resources to promote them.

One of the resources required to level up an agent is always Dennies. This is the raw cash in the game and you probably have enough of it to level up anyone considering how much of it is thrown around. I had to spend 24,000 Denns to promote Corin for the first time, but the amount required increases with each promotion.

The second resource you need is a type of Certification Seal. In Corin’s case, it was a Basic Offense Certification Seal, but the type of Certification Seal changes depending on the Agent’s specialization. You can earn them by taking on missions and defeating enemies in Agent Promotion Combat Simulations in the HIA Club.

You’ll unlock the HIA Club shortly after meeting Nekomata in the main story in Prologue Chapter 1. These compact fights are straightforward to win, especially if you have powerful Agents, and you can farm them for ages as long as you keep your batteries topped up with coffee.

The only limit to Agent leveling up is your resources. You will have enough to level up your Agent for a while, but at some point you will need to stop and collect resources so you can upgrade them for the next level up. I would advise not to rush because once you hit your limit you will miss that feeling of progress again.

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