How to play PreGame?


Step 1: Open the game and go to the raids section.

Step 2: Select the appropriate raid from the list of available raids. You will see the skill levels required for each raid, which depend on the buildings in your base.

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Step 3: Press the “Start Raid” button to send your unit on a raid.

Each raid has a set duration. After completing the raid, the unit will return with rewards.

Step 4: Monitor your raid’s progress as it progresses towards its destination.

Each raid has a set duration. After completing the raid, the unit will return with rewards.

Step 1: Go to the database management section.
Step 2: Regularly collect tokens from the mine.
Step 3: Use tokens to upgrade buildings in your base. Each upgrade increases the skills of your warriors, which increases the rewards from raids.

Step 1: Every 11 hours your unit will return from a raid with prosperous loot.
Step 2: Claim your rewards by visiting the raid section and collecting loot.

Step 1: Go to the Battle Pass section.
Step 2: See the rewards available at the next stage.
Step 3: Collect all available rewards by completing required tasks and leveling up your Battle Pass.

Collecting loot during raids will facilitate you level up your Battle Pass, unlocking more valuable rewards with each level.

Step 1: To invite friends, go to the main game screen.
Step 2: Click the “Friends” button.
Step 3: Click the “Invite” button and select the friend you want to invite.

Each friend you invite increases your Battle Pass rewards and can also earn valuable rewards. You will receive 5% of the loot they earn.

Step 1: Create a Telegram channel for your branch or employ an existing one that you are the admin or owner of.
Step 2: Add a game bot to the channel.
Step 3: Give the bot administrator privileges.
Step 4: Invite other players to your team channel to build a mighty team.

Take part in team competitions to win special prizes. Each member of the winning team will receive a share of the prize.

Step 1: Complete the Battle Pass by collecting loot and leveling up.
Step 2: Claim ownership of battlecruiser.

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