How to obtain and utilize the Tooth Whip in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


The only whip released under Shadow of Erdtree and one of Ring of FireThe most repulsive weapon, the Tooth Whip, allows the Tainted to both saturate targets with Poison and limit their stamina recovery speed – the latter through the Painful Strike Weapon skill.

But where are the weapons? To aid anyone looking to complete their whip collection or add an unhealthy dose of poison to their Belmont build, here’s how to get and utilize the Tooth Whip in Ring of Fire.

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Elden Ring Location Erdtree’s Tooth Whip Shadow

The Tooth Whip can be found in Ring of Fire on the corpse inside A hut for beating area. The cottage can be spotted east of Bonny Village. More specifically, it can be found by crossing the suspension bridge on the right as shown in the image below. You can also check how to reach the village by heading further down.

How to reach Bonny Village in Elden Ring

You can reach Bonny Village by sliding onto the platform once you reach the center Ruins of Moorth – a feat you can accomplish by following the road leading southeast from Highroad Cross. Be sure to interact with Dryleaf Dan in the Place of Grace and be sure to open the chest guarded by the 3 sorcerers as you descend to obtain the Golden Arches spell.

Once on the lower level of the hole, follow the path to the right and then climb the ladder to reach Place of Grace in the village of Bonny.

Tooth Whip stats and scaling

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The Tooth Whip will have a starting E Strength and D Dexterity scaling, and you will also need to have 10 and 24 in the respective stats to wield it effectively. As a special weapon, its properties cannot be changed by upgrades. Here’s a look at Tooth Whip’s starting stats:

  • Type: Whip/strike
  • Requirements: 10 Strength and 24 Dexterity
  • Initial scaling: E Strength and D Dexterity
  • Weapon skill: Painful Strike (Unique) / FP Cost: 16
  • Libra: 3.0
  • Attack Power: 109 Physical / 100 Critical
  • Protected Damage Negation: 27.0 Physical, Magic/Fire/Lightning/Holy 16.0 and Buff Guarded 16
  • Passive effect: Causes poison buildup 66

How to utilize and the best talismans

A great choice for a surprise in PvP duels. The Tooth Whip is best used in Power Stance with other weapons of this class. This is because it will allow you to observe the enemy from a distance while dealing massive amounts of poison. As for the second whip, my top picks would be Hoslow’s petal whip or Thorn Scourge for their ability to apply blood loss.

Like all whips in the game. The best talismans for those who want to utilize the Tooth Whip are: Diapers made of Divine Skin, Winged Sword Insigniaand Rotten Winged Sword Badge. While the former will allow you to heal after performing subsequent attacks, the latter two will escalate the damage of continuous attacks.

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