How to obtain and utilize the Anvil Hammer in Elden Ring


The Anvil Hammer is one of the modern colossal weapons added to the game Ring of Fire In The shadow of the Erd tree DLC. It helps you fulfill your fantasy of swinging a vast, overheated piece of metal at the head of anyone who looks at you humorous.

When it comes to Strength/Faith based weapons, it doesn’t get any better than the Anvil Hammer, and it’s an uncomplicated weapon to obtain. Here’s how to get modern weapons in Shadow of the Erdree Tree.

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Shadow of Erdtree, location of the Anvil Hammer

You can find the Anvil Hammer in the Lava Source of the Ruined Forge. The easiest way to get there is to start at the Pillar Path landmark at Łaska and head west. You’ll have to go down a bit, but then you should find the entrance to the forge.

The Ruined Forge doesn’t have many enemies guarding its halls. You’ll need to watch out for the fiery blobs that fall from the ceiling, but they’re just as uncomplicated to kill as any blobs in the game. The only other enemies in the area are a few Smith Golems. These unfortunately have a ton of HP and don’t take much damage from slashing or piercing weapons, but they do have a feeble spot on their backs. They’re also leisurely enough that you can easily outrun them if you need to.

Eventually you will find yourself in the main room of the forge. Look for a fallen pillar on the landing at the top of the stairs and run up it. Climb the ladder you found and you’ll reach a platform with a level that lowers a vast metal pipe above the lava pit. Jump down and go up. To your right there will be a room with an Anvil Hammer, an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, and a teleporter to get out of the dungeon. No boss in sight!

Anvil hammer stats and scaling

Using the Anvil Hammer requires 39 Strength, 10 Dexterity, 10 Intelligence, and 22 Faith. The weapon also scales with all of these attributes. It starts with a scaling of C for Strength (which increases to B for upgrades), D for Faith, and E for both Dexterity and Intelligence. Due to scaling, this will primarily be a Strength/Faith build weapon, but here’s a list of the hammer’s full stats:

  • Type: Colossal Weapon (Strike)
  • Weapon skill: Smithing Arts Spears
  • FP cost: 18
  • Libra: 22.0
  • Attack Power: Physical 131 / Fire 85 / Critical 100
  • Protected damage denial: 80.0 Physical, 43.0 Magical, 59 Fire, 43 Lightning, 41 Holy, Guard Boost 53
Screenshot by Destructoid

Using the Anvil Hammer in the Elden Ring

Like other colossal weapons in the game, the Anvil Hammer is quite leisurely, but hits extremely difficult. This can be done with one hand, but I recommend using him two-handed to get the most damage from his powerful swings. This thing also deals massive balance damage, so you’ll be stunning enemies a lot.

The Smithing Arts Spears skill looks amazing, but it can be tough to master. You slowly drive your hammer into the ground, and then flaming spears rise up and stab your enemies. It may be good for clearing out a tiny group of enemies, but I found it too leisurely to be useful in one-on-one combat. Well, it looks great and sometimes that’s all you need. At maximum upgrades and depending on your stats, the Anvil Hammer can easily deal 1000 damage per swing in the Shadowlands, and that’s enough to crush any doubts I have about its abilities.

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