How to obtain and exploit the Main-gauche dagger in Elden Ring


Although it’s not the most eye-catching one Shadow of Erdtree Additionally, the Main-gauche weapon parrying ability and unique combo with certain swords could make it a great choice for those who want to dual-wield Ring of Fire.

But how exactly do you get a gun? Here’s how to insert a Main-gauche dagger Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree.

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Location of the Elden Ring master dagger

Inside you will find a Main-gauche dagger Ring of Fire heading to Shadowkeep dungeon legacy (which you can do by heading north from Ensis Castle) and progressing until you defeat the Golden Hippopotamus boss. After defeating the boss, you will be able to obtain the weapon by first taking the path located just outside the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace and continuing until you reach the wooden stairs. Once you get there, head to the room marked in the image below.

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You’ll find the only Messmer Soldier in the room, so stab him in the back and head to the area on the right. In it you will be able to find Main-gauche on top of a body guarded by several soldiers and a Black Knight. To deal with them, I recommend luring both soldiers outside and then dealing with the knight in a one-on-one scenario. You can check the weapon’s location on the map below.

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Statistics and scaling in main mode

You’ll have to have it 7 Strength and 15 Dexterity wield a weapon. The main-gauche will also have initial D and C scaling. This doesn’t mean, however, that those investing in other builds will be blocked, as upgrading it to Flame and Holy will primarily allow it to scale Faith, while using Magic and Occult will allow him to scale heavily relative to Intelligence and Arcane. Below you can check out an overview of all the other statistics for Main-gauche:

  • Type: Dagger (cut/pierce)
  • Weapon skill: Pairing
  • Libra: 2.0
  • Attack Power: Physical 79 / Critical 110
  • Protected damage denial: 38.0 Physical, 22.0 Magic/Fire/Lightning/Holy, Guard Boost 16

How to exploit the master dagger

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The main-gauche is best used as a secondary weapon in duel-focused builds, as its parry ability will allow you to pressure your opponents or get some early critical hits. Another advantage of this weapon are its briefly mentioned combinations. More specifically, when you exploit it in your left hand alongside not-so-good thrusting weapons – such as Rogier’s Rapier, Cleanrot Knight’s Sword, and the DLC-exclusive Carian Sword of Sorcery – Main-gauche’s lightweight attack sequence will become an up-two-weapon combo in nine moves.

However, like most daggers, the Main-gauche is not a meta-weapon and can be easily defeated by those able to apply status effects. So keep that in mind.

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