How to Move Your Mouse On Screen in Zenless Zone Zero on PS5


If you play Ground Zero without Zen on PS5, you know the game is nearly flawless. From the moment you boot it up to the moment you put it down, the game runs incredibly smoothly. But one problem, the on-screen mouse, can ruin everything.

For some unknown reason, Ground Zero without Zen has a cursor, a mouse that you can move around the screen during cutscenes. This is likely just an oversight on the developers’ part, since the game is also available on mobile and PC. While the cursor can be useful on PS5, it’s not imperative in this PS5 game. In fact, it’s just in the way, which is why I think it’s so significant to know how to get rid of it so it’s not hanging around in every visual element you see.

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How to move your on-screen mouse Ground Zero without Zen on PS5

Screenshot by Destructoid

To move the screen mouse Ground Zero without Zen on PS5, you’ll need to apply the DualSense controller’s touchpad. As you’ll soon see, the cursor moves just like you would with a mouse and keyboard on PC. That won’t explain why developer miHoYo decided to leave it in this version of the game, but it will get rid of it so you can enjoy visuals in cutscenes that aren’t ruined by a random cursor.

The compelling thing about this cursor is that it will disappear if you don’t apply the touchpad for a long time. I managed to remove it by leaving the touchpad alone for the entire chat scene, and it only reappeared when I accidentally touched the touchpad with my finger.

Thankfully, if you move the cursor to the edge of the screen, it disappears again. It can hide in what we called the edges under the monitor when I was younger. This is likely an intentional feature, to give those who don’t want to see the content creator cursor a way to get rid of the cursor to improve their viewing experience when they don’t need it.

Of course, there is always a possibility that miHoYo plans to implement a cursor-based feature in Ground Zero without Zen on PS5. The game is made up of compact, compelling encounters that keep things compelling, so there’s a good chance something like the banner snapping system will be modified to take advantage of, or at least enable, the mouse in the future.

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