How to get to the Cerulean Coast in Elden Ring


World Ring of Fire is twisted and full of despair. But that doesn’t mean that beauty can’t be found in the environment created by From software. Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree adds one of the most lovely regions in the game, the Cerulean Coast. If you’re looking for a frigid place to take screenshots (I recommend doing it at night) or you’re in the middle of completing Count Ymir’s quests, we’ll show you how to get to the Cerulean Coast in Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree.

Reaching the Cerulean coast, one favor at a time

The castle fronts the cave on the Ellac River

  1. Starting of Castle Front place of grace (Ensis Castle), head south past the Messmer camp and turn left, past the field of poisonous plants.
  2. Continue wrapping along the wall until you are facing north. Go down the slope and you will reach a swamp with a giant crab and a huge poisonous plant. Run past the plant and you will find the entrance to the cave.
  3. After passing through the cave you will reach Cave on the Ellac River place of grace.

Ellac River Cave to the lower reaches of the Ellac River

The cave leads to the Ellac River and this is the place where you will have to operate your parkour skills. From this point on the path is quite linear, but you will have to jump from pillar to pillar until you reach Down the Ellac River place of grace.

Ellac River down to the Cerulean Coast

  1. Unfortunately, there is no coffin to slide down this waterfall. Jump down the cliff side to the right. You should see A Bake Golem in the distance.
  2. Head towards the Furnace Golem and hug the western wall. You should be able to get past him as long as you stay close to the wall. Torrent should be able to outrun most of his attacks except the laser.
  3. You will reach a clearing that will take you directly to the beauty Cerulean Coast place of grace. Watch out for any homing fireballs coming from behind.

Fragment of the Cerulean Coast map

You should be able to see Spirit Flame Dragon patrolling the meadow. Hug the left treeline to avoid him. Eventually you’ll come up on a hill with a fragment of the Cerulean Coast map on it. With the map piece in hand, you can discover the rest of the Cerulean Coast’s attractions.

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