How to Get the Great Katana in Elden Ring


The Great Katana is by far the most versatile weapon in its class. Ring of Firethe latter due to its ability to be given different properties, making it suitable for a wide range of configurations.

But did you know that this weapon is also one of the first available under The shadow of the Erd tree DLC? For those looking to test out the novel weapon class as soon as possible, here’s how to get the Great Katana in Ring of Fire.

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Elden Ring Great Katana Location

Upon entering the Shadowlands, you can find the Great Katana in the center of the lake with the Ghostflame Dragon in Gravesite Plain. You can reach this area by first heading north from the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace until you reach Greatbridge North. Once you are there, simply head west towards the frozen lake and you will be able to spot the weapon in front of the sleeping dragon in its center. You can check the location of the Great Katana on the map below.

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If you’re a bit inattentive, or just want to be fully prepared in case you wake the boss from its slumber, you can check out how to defeat the dragon in our “How to Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring” guide.

Great stats and scaling for Katana

The Great Katana has a starting scaling of D Strength and D Dexterity, and you’ll also need at least 14 and 18 in their respective stats to wield it. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to change the weapon’s scaling by following different upgrade paths. For example, a +25 Quality Great Katana will have a scaling of B Strength and B Dexterity, while a +25 Occult will have E Strength, D Dexterity, and B Arcane. To give you a better idea of ​​the weapon, here are all of the Great Katana’s starting stats:

  • Type:Great Katana
  • Requirements: 14 Strength and 16 Dexterity
  • Initial scaling😀 Strength and D Dexterity
  • Weapon Skill: Overhead Stance (Can be replaced with other Ashes of War)
  • Libra: 9.0
  • Attack Power: 145 Physical / 100 Critical
  • Guarded Damage Denial: 60.0 Physical, 30.0 Magic/Fire/Lightning/Holy, Guard Boost 35
  • Passive effects: : 55 blood loss is increasing

Is Great Katana better than Nagakiba?

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While the Great Katana offers high damage and similar range, the Nagakiba’s ability to utilize a wider array of Ashes of War and the ability to simultaneously operate it with other lithe weapons for maximum effect make it my primary choice for most builds.

If you’re looking for a two-handed weapon, however, the Great Katana is the better of the two, given its higher damage and above-average attack speed for a weapon of its size. Its native Ash of War ability to quickly apply damaging effects and deal massive damage at a low FP cost is also a huge plus. If you can’t get used to the ponderous build of Overhead Stance, the Lion’s Claw Ash of War will let you deal similar damage at a much lower risk.

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