How to get the Ergo Sum Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2


Once you’re done Final shapecampaign in Destiny 2, you will gain access to an exotic mission to unlock one of the best swords in Ergo Sum. This sword can be upgraded with an Exotic Catalyst, but you’ll have to work to get it.

An Exotic Catalyst acts as an additional ability or trait for an Exotic weapon Destiny 2. They need to be unlocked first; then tasks or requirements must be met to assist them achieve their true potential. An exotic weapon as powerful as the Catalyst Ergo Sum is something to be proud of, but something your enemies may fear. This will make even Salvation’s Edge a hassle-free job in the right hands.

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How to get the Ergo Sum Exotic Catalyst Destiny 2

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To obtain the Ergo Sum Exotic Catalyst, you must complete the Excision activity on Grandmaster difficulty. Note that with Fireteam Finder, you no longer have to do this with your full group of friends created outside of the game from your clan. Instead, you can matchmaker in-game and meet up with a group of Guardians who also want to play.

This is how I managed to get the Exotic Catalyst and I saw that several other players reported the same thing. Even though many of us died while trying to complete the activity, it was still possible to complete it and leave with the Exotic Catalyst.

To find the Cut In action Destiny 2, open the Pale Heart map in the Navigator and go to the upper right corner of the map. The activity is available, but you must complete it in narrative mode before you can select Grandmaster difficulty. To access the narrative mode of this activity, you must complete the Wild Card quest. Otherwise you won’t be able to see the Cardiac Notch.

What is the exotic catalytic converter Ergo Sum used for? Destiny 2?

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The Ergo Sum Exotic Catalyst adds the exotic transcendent steel feature to the Ergo Sum. This perk provides more ammo for Ergo Sum when you deal damage with Transcendent Grenade. This means that by using Ergo Sum and your Prismatic subclass, you will be able to restore ammo to your most powerful weapon by throwing a grenade and maintaining damage.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the catalyst that you need to get together as quickly as possible. Upgrades one of the best weapons in the game; getting it is a journey. With so many fantastic weapons on offer Destiny 2having the best version of Ergo Sum is a great base for future activities Episodes throw us a way.

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