How to get Mighty Fire Pots and Mighty Furnace Pots in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


Powerful fire pots AND Powerful stove pots there are items in Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree DLC and have one main goal: destroying the Furnace Golems.

However, obtaining them is not particularly basic, especially the latter, which are much more powerful.

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This Ring of Fire the guide will explain how to find the cookbooks, ingredients and where to get them – incl The vision of the furnace — and how to apply Powerful Fire and Stove Pots, if you have them.

Where to find recipes for the Hefty Fire Pot and Hefty Furnace Pot

To find cookbooks for both the Powerful Cauldron and the Powerful Stove, you will need two different Grand Tycoon Cookbooks. Fortunately, both are quite basic to find at the beginning of the DLC and don’t require you to kill any tough enemies.

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As you head north, you’ll see a corpse on the stairs and some feeble shadow enemies nearby. Kill them and then collect the corpses to get your first cookbook. This will give you the recipe for the Mighty Pot of Fire. (When you are in the Scorched Ruins, a useful talisman, the Blade of Mercy, is very close.)

How to craft Mighty Fire Pot and Mighty Furnace Pot

There is one key ingredient that both powerful pots require before they can be crafted: Strong, cracked pots. As with the standard base game pots, the more Powerful Cracked Pots you have, the more Powerful Fire Pots and Furnace Pots you can craft and store at one time. It’s not basic to get them, but there is one area Shadow of Erdtree where you can find three quite early on.

  • From the aforementioned place of grace of the Cross of Three Paths, head northwest across the lake to find the entrance to Belurat Prison. This is quite a hard location with only one grace spot at the very top, so play carefully and watch out for the modern enemies in the jars. Eventually you’ll come across a hole in the ground that you need to get down by jumping from one hanging jar to another. You’ll notice a wooden platform below – jump on it before you drop to the ground to find the first Hefty Cracked Pot.

  • After this section, you’ll fight across a bridge, and when you cross the next path, the floor beneath you will give way and drop you into a maze made of jars. There are plenty of enemies lurking around the corners here, but head to the northwest corner of the maze, climb up the first level of jars and you’ll find a corpse and two Strong Cracked Pots next to each other.

The only other ingredients needed to make Hefty Fire Pots are Red Flesh Mushroomswhich are everywhere IN Shadow of ErdtreeAND Black Pyrefly, which are a bit rarer but still quite common. Be on the lookout for black versions of the Smoldering Butterflies from the base game. If you want to breed them, There is a tiny street on the ground floor of the Scorched Ruins where one will appear every time you rest in a nearby place of grace.

How to get Ember of Messmer and Furnace Visages for Hefty Furnace Pots

In particular, you will need Hefty Furnace Pots Messmer’s Heat (which can only be found in the Scadu Altus region, which you can start exploring after Ensis Castle) ia The vision of the furnacewhich is mainly obtained by defeating Baking Golems, so you need to at least defeat them one using standard attacks and powerful fire pots first.

You will receive one Furnace Face for each Furnace Golem you kill, so their number is circumscribed. However, you can also find some Furnace Images scattered around the world as specific loot, especially on dead Furnace Golems when you encounter them. It can also be found in a chest located in the prison at Fort Rebuke, guarded by several soldiers.

How to apply powerful fire pots and powerful stove pots

As we explained in our explanation of how to beat the Furnace Golem, these pots must be thrown into the Furnace Golem’s basket to deal damage. If you’re fighting someone from above, you can do this mid-fight, but if you’re fighting them at ground level, you’ll need to attack their legs or deal enough ranged damage to the feeble spot on their face to make them fall above. From there you can throw the pots into the bin.

If you’re still getting started in Shadowlands, our getting started guide has some useful starting points of interest – including Scadutree fragments, DLC armor, and DLC weapons.

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