How to Get Aspect of Courage in Destiny 2


The Aspect of Courage is one of the many elements of your Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2 which will unlock some of the most powerful builds in the game. However, you have to find it before you can utilize it, and unlike most others, it’s hidden in plain sight.

If you are a Human type, you may already have the Aspect of Courage. Destiny 2 player who explores every nook and cranny during a mission. That said, I usually do, and I completely missed this one. It’s hidden off the beaten track in one of the main campaign missions for Final shapeand I would be honestly surprised if you found it without any support.

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How to get the Aspect of Courage in Destiny 2

Below I have described how to obtain the Aspect of Courage Destiny 2 in effortless to follow steps. The first thing you need to do is restart Final shape Ascent campaign mission. You can do this by selecting the campaign on the right side of The Pale Heart map, then clicking on the mission name to find and start Ascent.

Step 1: Find Cayde-6 and Crow

parts of the ship on the cliff fate 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

Once you’re in the mission, you have to fight your way through it until you find Cayde-6 and Crow talking on a cliff edge. They talk about how Crow wished Cayde-6 was in the Traveler. But that’s not the point.

Now that you are here, you need to continue along the main path, looking out for the ship parts above you. They should be above you to your right on the next cliff. You need to head to these ship parts, so as you move around now, look for paths to the right that will lead you to them.

Step 2: Fight for Ship Parts

the fight for the shipment of part 2 of destiny
Screenshot by Destructoid

As you climb the cliff, you’ll reach a point on the main path where you must defeat a Harbinger. Kill it, but ignore the blocked path forward in the mission. Instead, turn right and follow the edge of the cliff.

Eventually you’ll encounter fresh enemies and have to fight them. The ship parts are here, hanging off the edge of the cliff. To get to the Facet of Bravery, you have to jump off the edge of one part of the ship and then back down to the one below. It’s a leap of faith that’s incredibly satisfying.

courage aspect in destiny 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

When added to your Prismatic Subclass, Facet of Bravery grants unstable rounds to Void weapons when defeating enemies with grenades. Strand weapons gain Unraveling rounds if you finish enemies with a melee attack.

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