How to Fix Destiny 2 Chicken Error Code


Destiny 2 contains some of the best named error codes. While all of them will prevent you from playing, their names can at least make you laugh through the pain. One of the weirdest I’ve ever encountered is Destiny 2 Chicken error code.

Chicken error code in Destiny 2 is strange because the reasoning behind it doesn’t seem to line up with when players experience it. I found this first hand because the error is, generally speaking, related to your Internet connection. However, I only saw this when my connection was fine, which leads me to believe it may be a bit of a general solution to various update issues.

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How to repair Destiny 2 Chicken error code

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To fix Chicken In error code Destiny 2, restart the device you are playing on and try to enter the game again. A demanding reset, i.e. completely turning off the device, leaving it for about a minute, and then turning it back on before launching the game, usually works best.

If that doesn’t work, reset your Wi-Fi router and try playing. I recommend pulling the cable out of the back of the router to disconnect power, waiting 10 seconds, then plugging it back in and waiting for the router to boot up before restarting the game. This is intended to remove even residual electricity that may remain in the device as it is not prepared to shut down and can theoretically solve unknown problems.

Finally, if this doesn’t work, you have two options. First, check your carrier for service interruptions using your phone. Secondly, connect your device directly to the router and employ a wired connection to avoid internet problems.

Of course, if none of these fixes work, which can happen, you’ll just have to sit back and wait. Destiny 2 is known for bugs and error codes related to updates and expansion releases, so just wait out the storm and try playing again in an hour or two.

What is this Destiny 2 Chicken error code?

Screenshot by Destructoid

According to Bungie, Destiny 2 The chicken error code is caused by a feeble or interrupted internet connection. However, when I experienced this while trying to play the second week Echoes of the episode, my internet was fine. In fact, I worked outside the home and saw the Wi-Fi working in many places in my house.

This leads me to believe that the chicken error code in Destiny 2 is another secret catch-all error code. The fact that I found out about this during the weekly update, when hundreds of players were trying to get into the game, shows me that the servers were probably under a lot of pressure.

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