How to defeat the Golem Furnace in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


The Bake Golem this is one of the first enemies you will encounter Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree DLC and proves that – like Tree Sentinel from the main game – it is not afraid of complex enemies from the very beginning.

The first powerful, flaming monster you find on Gravesite Plain isn’t technically a boss – although it is harder than many others – nor is it the only one in the DLC.

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Defeating the Furnace Golem requires some thought, so attacking it in the usual way is not recommended – unless you want to be burned to ash.

Our Ring of Fire guide explains how to defeat the Golem Furnaceand rewards for it.

How to prepare for Furnace Golems

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While most Furnace Golems can be defeated with additional items, the most critical thing in defeating them will be obtaining Hefty Fire Pots or, preferably, Hefty Furnace Pots.

We have a separate guide on how to get Powerful Fire Pots and Powerful Furnace Pots, and they can be crafted once you get the required materials. It’s worth noting that to get the Hefty Furnace Pot, in most cases you’ll need to first defeat the Golem Furnace to get the required crafting material. See the problem?

When you Down however, if you have it, throwing it into the giant basket – essentially the main body of the Furnace Golem – will cause significant damage, while Mighty Fire Pots will take away a fifth of its health.

Again, these are optional for most Furnace Golems, so let’s look at the strategy whether you’re equipped with them or not. Either way, it’s highly recommended that you collect some Scadutree fragments first to escalate your chances of survival, especially if you’re just starting out.

How to defeat the Golem Furnace in Elden Ring

When you fight the Baking Golem, there are several attacks you will need to defend against. They will spot you from a mile away and at that moment they will shoot fireballs from their hands and feet as well as jets of flame. When you get close, they will also jump into the air and explode, causing a huge wave of explosions.

Stomping the Furnace Golem in the Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Avoiding the Furnace Golem's attack in the Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

This can be avoided by jumping up as soon as your feet hit the floor, and the same goes for a slightly smaller version of this where you only tap with one foot. Remember that if you’re fighting the Furnace Golem from above, it can swing at you with both hands, so don’t assume you’re safe and sound.

Attacking the Furnace Golem in Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

On the ground, it’s best to stay behind the Furnace Golem as long as possible and make sure to summon Spirit Ash – I believe it’s Mimic Tear – to support take some of the aggro in the early stages of the fight. If you find yourself in front of a Golem, they will often try to pick you up with a sweeping arm, which will result in you being thrown into their basket and instantly killed.

If you have a Hefty Pot, how do you place them in your basket? Well, you either have to be on high ground compared to where the Golem Furnace is, or you have to bring the Golem down to your level. Some Furnace Golems – those that have no armor on their legs – can be attacked from the ground, which will break their posture and cause them to fall once you have dealt enough damage Both legs, not just one.

Golem Furnace basket in Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

From here you can land a critical hit on his face or throw a Powerful Pot of Fire/Furnace into the trash can. Rinse and repeat this a few times and it will die, providing you with valuable rewards. If the Furnace Golem has armor on its legs, however, you will have to try to get over it using the terrain around you. If you have ranged skills, you can also target his face from ground level with arrows and spells. This will deal more damage, but the quickest way to eliminate them is still using Hefty Gars.

Furnace Golem Rewards

Defeating the Furnace Golems will reward you with the Crystal Tears DLC for the Wondrous Physick flask, so it’s worth tackling them when you have the tools to do so.

Furnace Golems are also one of the main sources of Furnace Visage, which is used to create Powerful Furnace Pots, helping you defeat even more Furnace Golems (and are especially useful for those that are armored).

Looking for more encounters after defeating the first Furnace Golem? DLC boss locations can support you track down other challenges.

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