How to complete Unusual Invitation in Fallout 76


The Unusual Invitation is the first quest you must complete to gain access to Skyline Valley update in Fallout 76. This update may not allow you to play as Ghoul, but it opens up an engaging up-to-date location and the ability to search for more loot, so it’s worth delving into.

The next time you launch, you will receive an Unusual invitation Fallout 76. The task will be automatically added to the Main Tasks section on your PipBoy. You should open it and track it so you can follow every step in its evolution, as this one requires a lot of wandering around the map. But first, it’s time to turn on the radio and find out what’s happening in the Appalachian Wasteland that has outraged so many people.

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How to complete The Unusual Invitation in Fallout 76

Below I’ve described how to complete the Unusual Invitation in Fallout 76 at each stage of the quest. One quest point may be seriously buggy, but I’ve explained how to work around that problem once you get to it.

Step 1: Listen to the up-to-date broadcast

The first part of this task involves listening to the broadcast and following it to the designated place. Open PipBoy and go to the radio. Then select the up-to-date Vault-Tec Broadcast option to listen to the broadcast. This will add a location to the map that you need to explore to progress.

I already had a CAMP close to this location, so I didn’t have to pay to quick travel nearby. It’s close to Vault 76, so a good option is to quick travel there and then run all the way to the map icon near The Wayward.

Step 2: Talk to Alyssa

Once you’ve found the location and taken a cute photo with the door to Vault 63, it’s time to talk to Alyssa. This NPC should be in a nearby house, so you won’t have to go too far. Talking to her gives you another location to visit, but this one is a bit more hazardous.

Mistake in Fallout 76 can prevent Alyssa from appearing. If this happens, it’s time to jump on a up-to-date server. You can do this by going to the up-to-date world from the menu. Closing the game and launching it will also give the same result. Alyssa should appear after just one server hop, but if she doesn’t, keep going until you find her.

Remember that you may be attacked while talking to Alyssa. Enemies in the Appalachian Wasteland will not wait for you to say “thank you” or anything else. They will just attack. Before you start this conversation, make sure you are fully vigorous or clear the area first.

Step 3: Find Vault 63

The location given on the map is in Ash Heap, a pretty deadly area if you’re not prepared. Head there and start climbing to the edge of the mountain. I was lucky that another player was already camped there, so I quickly drove over to them and climbed the rocks.

Finding Vault 63 is quite effortless. Just follow the pointer and you’ll get there. This ends the mission and starts the next one Skyline Valley task line. There will also be a up-to-date type of enemy in the upcoming area, and they are extremely tough, so make sure you have all your best gear with you before you head out.

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