How to complete the Rotten Fruit challenge in Hitman World of Assassination


Rotten fruit is a challenge in the game Hitman World of Assassinations which tasks you with poisoning one of the location’s targets, Sinha “Akka” Venthan, with Durian. Not only is this item arduous to obtain and the chances of poisoning the target are even rarer, but there is an effortless method for those willing to put in the effort.

Rotten Fruit challenge added Hitman WoA with the Summer 2024 update with The Disruptor Elusive Target. You will find it in the Feats menu in the Ambrose Island location. You don’t need any special equipment to complete the challenge, but you will receive the Durian item if you complete it and exit the mission. The item is truly incredibly useful and I’ve been eager to get it in other locations since Ambrose Island was released.

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How to complete the Rotten Fruit challenge in Hitman WoA

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To complete the Rotten Fruit challenge in Hitman WoAenter the Ambrose Island location using the Western Beach starting point. You need to get to the beach next to the pirate settlement and find the container with the window to the kitchen storage. It is very close to the guarded entrance to the Sinha “Akki” Venthan sheltered house. Below is a map with a reference to this location.

Kitchen Map Reference in Hitman Assassination World
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Jump onto the boxes in front of the window and wait for the chef to enter the storage room. You’ll need to jump into the room and incapacitate the chef, then throw his body into the container in the area. It’s a good idea to take his disguise if you want to kill your targets and complete the mission, but it’s up to you, depending on whether you want to get the Silent Assassin rating or not.

take the chef in hitman woa ambrose islane
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If you do this quickly, you can head to the pirate village and see the target, Sinhi “Akka” Venthan, who you need to poison with Durian on the balcony above. I threw it next to her and managed to make it explode on the railing, which poisoned her and ended the challenge.

Throwing a durian at a target on Ambrose Island in Hitman World of Assaultation
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I did this using a chef disguise, so I suggest you apply that if you want to complete this challenge in one go. Remember that you only need to poison the target, kill him and leave the mission. You do not need to kill the target by using this opportunity to poison. So you can loop the poison to the best route through the mission, complete it, and then collect the rewards.

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