How to complete the Dangerous Pastimes public event in Fallout 76


Dangerous Pastimes event added Fallout 76 thanks to the Skyline Valley update. This is a brutal fresh public event that I stumbled upon as soon as I entered the fresh region of the map that you were redirected to in the update quest line.

Dangerous Pastimes has a recommended player level of 50, but I played it at half that level and had no problems. Of course, I did this with a group of higher-level players who were eager to take part in the event and take advantage of its attractions. If you’re a lower level player, you can still easily tackle and beat this challenge as a group, but it’s worth knowing what to do at each step to maximize the impact you’ll get from it.

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How to complete the Dangerous Pastimes public event in Fallout 76

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Below I’ve outlined each step you’ll need to complete to complete the Dangerous Pastimes public event Fallout 76. If you’re not sure what to do, look through each section below and you should find your goal. To start the event, go to the location marked on the map and talk to the intercom. If you want to join and participate in the group, you must select the “Start event” option.

Step 1: Collect and install parts for the combine

parts for harvesters in Fallout 76
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The first task in the event requires you to wait for the machine to scan the parts. Once this is done, the reaper parts shown above will appear in the area. You need to collect 40 of them in a group and install them on the machine by interacting with it.

This took some time as you had to rely on everyone collecting and installing parts while also killing enemies, including Lost Ones who attacked you while you searched. Shoot every enemy you encounter several times as it guarantees more loot.

Step 2: Charge the combine

recharge the harvester in Fallout 76
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The next stage of this public event requires charging the harvester. To do this, you need to kill the Lost, a fresh type of enemy in the Skyline Valley update that will appear and attack from all sides of the location. There is a meter here that you need to fill, and killing the biggest enemies that appear first will aid fill it faster. But just kill every enemy you see and you’ll complete this step in no time.

Step 3: Destroy the Thunder Crab

Thunder Crab in Fallout 76
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After filling the meter and charging the combine, you will have to fight a boss. This boss is Thunder Crab, a giant mutant hermit crab that uses the bus as a shell and wants you dead. As you can imagine, this fight is more of a war of attrition.

Shoot and attack in every way possible and you will eventually kill this thing. We killed him before the other mobs around him and they respawned immediately, so focus on the boss if you’re down to every last drop of health. This will conclude the Dangerous Pastimes event and should net you plenty of great loot.

I took a ton of caps, ammo, and an incredibly powerful grenade launcher that I can’t utilize for a few more levels after my first event. I also got a powerful pistol from a random Lost enemy at the start of the event. The most essential thing is to shoot everything for your chance and as much loot as possible.

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