How to complete the Carve in Destiny 2: Final Shape


Excision is the game’s first 12-player activity Destiny 2 story, tasking players with defeating the greatest villain in the series, The Witness. However, all these additional players do not make the game easier. It’s full of fascinating mechanics that you need to learn if you want to win this fight.

You will not be able to play Excision until you have completed all remaining campaign missions Final shape. This includes an exotic wild card quest, and that’s what I discovered kept me from completing it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll find the mission in the upper right corner of the Pale Heart map. To start your first game, you need to launch it in narrative mode. But trust me, the cutscene you see next is worth going back to replay later on Grandmaster for the Ergo Sum Catalyst.

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How to finish cutting in Destiny 2: Final Shape

I’ve described how to make the cutout below Destiny 2: Final Shape in easy-to-follow steps. This battle consists of several stages, many of which are challenging. Take your time and cooperate with other players and you should get through this without too many deaths.

Step 1: Claim territories

Screenshot by Destructoid

The first objective you need to achieve in the Excision Destiny 2: Final Shape occupies territories around the opening area. Kill every enemy you see and head towards the glowing orange circles. You and your other Guardians must rely on them until they are allowed to take them.

After clearing the first two, you will need to kill two incredibly powerful enemies with a yellow health bar so that the remaining two can respawn and be able to take them over. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to take the previously blocked path and face the Witness.

Step 2: Kill the witness cornerstones

kill witness cornerstones in destiny 2 cutting final shape
Screenshot by Destructoid

Now you are in the Witness arena and you need to deal damage to her. It’s quite a long process, but you’ll get through it quickly if you know what you’re doing. First you need to kill the two Witness cornerstones. These powerful Taken enemies will appear on both sides of the arena.

The hardest part of this stage is reaching the cornerstones. They are heavily guarded by more Taken than you can shake a stick at. I ended up using Super and Call a lot to clear out smaller enemies. Once everyone is focused on the same targets, you will eventually be able to damage them.

Step 3: Collect and deposit the Light

collect and embed light in Destiny 2, cutting out the final shape
Screenshot by Destructoid

After the Cornerstone dies, Light will begin to pour into the arena through cracks in the ground. These are the ones you need to collect the Light from before returning to the well of Darkness at the back of the arena to deposit it. Your Guardian will automatically throw the Light into the well, so don’t worry about the button prompt.

Once you have all gathered enough Light, you will be transported to a known location. You should know what to do next.

Step 4: Destroy the statues

Destroy Statues in Destiny 2: Cutting Out the Final Shape
Screenshot by Destructoid

As you may remember from the Iconoclasm mission, the next task Excision throws at you is to pick up the sword and destroy the statues. You can’t destroy them all, so just destroy as many as you can. Once you eliminate enough of them, you will be transported back to the arena.

Step 5: Destroy the Glyphs and attack the Witness

Destroy Glyphs and Destroy Witness in Destiny 2: Final Shape Cutting
Screenshot by Destructoid

After being transported back to the arena, a platform will rise in front of the Witness. You need to jump on this platform to get the Traveler’s Aid buff. This is the buff required to fire six Glyphs at the Witness and then shoot at its heart to damage it.

My team and I managed to deal with about half of the Witness’s health in the first phase of damage. You won’t kill him straight away, but if you can handle that much damage, you’re on a good run.

Step 6: Repeat the process to damage the Witness

Destiny 2 Witness Damage: Final Shape Cut
Screenshot by Destructoid

The process of damaging the Witness is the same from steps 3 through 6, so repeat the process until you reach the point on the health bar where there is a line. You cannot deal damage beyond this point and the boss will become furious when you reach him. That’s when he decides he’s had enough and wants to destroy you once and for all.

Step 7: Destroy the witness

removing the witness in Destiny 2 by cutting out the final shape
Screenshot by Destructoid

The Witness will be furious and protected, but your Spirit is too powerful now, charged by the Traveler. Call on your Spirit to create a wave of Light that will annihilate the enemy and split him into pieces that will be scattered throughout the system. This is what causes the first spark Episode Down Destiny 2.

lanterns in the city's final destiny 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll be treated to tons of cutscenes. Each of them is worth watching, so don’t skip them. This part of the game has huge implications for the development of the story, some of which are heartbreaking for a long time Destiny Fans.

When you finally decide to get back into the game proper, you’ll have access to Grandmaster Slash and a few other things to support you get through the unfolding story that Destiny 2 has to offer after this latest campaign ends.

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