How to Complete Specimen ID: NES003 in Destiny 2


Failsafe hands out modern tasks every week Destiny 2 as we slowly but surely move forward Echoes of episodes story. One of the more established AI-dispensed tasks is the Specimen ID series, which is a good excuse to play EpisodeUser activity.

You will unlock specimen ID NES001 as soon as you start Episode‘s, requiring you to mine planetary data. Specimen ID: NES002 requires you to complete an activity on Nessus, which is a nice change and gave me a good reason to go back and talk to Failsafe. Specimen ID: NES003 is different, but a bug in the game caused some players to be unable to access it initially.

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How to unlock sample number: NES003 in Destiny 2

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To start Sample ID: NES003 in Destiny 2you have to wait until the 5th week of Episode Echoes Seasonal Challenges is unlocked. While the task appears in the Seasonal Challenge for Week 4, Bungie confirmed on Twitter that this is a mistake.

destiny 2 proximity sensor
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Once unlocked, you must first go to the Failsafe in HELM and pick up the Proximity Alert Sensor from its Research Bays. This will allow you to find the next Specimen.

specimen nes003 in destiny 2
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Now, jump into the Breach Executable activity and follow the proximity sensor until you find the Specimen. The location is different for each player, but it’s fairly simple to find. Make sure to complete the activity once you get it, because the loot you get each week is worth your time.

Take this back to Failsafe and you’ll unlock the Specimen ID: NES003 quest in Destiny 2. This is a much longer quest than NES001 and NES002, so be prepared for about an hour of grinding.

How to fill out the Sample ID form: NES003 in Destiny 2

playing breach exe in destiny 2
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There are three main steps in the Specimen ID: NES003 quest Destiny 2I’ve outlined each one below, along with how I managed to complete them as quickly as possible to assist you move forward.

Step 1

  • Defeat 100 Goblins or Fanatics

These are the most common Vex enemies that are simple to track down and kill. I jumped into two Breach Executable activities and completed them before I was halfway through the second one. One caveat I have is that you may need to return to orbit if the Breach Executable activity doesn’t put you against Vex enemies, as it will make it much harder to get the kills you need.

Step 2

  • Defeat 50 Hobgoblins or Harpies

Again, this step can be easily completed in Breach Executable. I actually completed it in the second half of the activity, which I started with the first step. Try to defeat as many Harpies as possible, as the Hobgoblins are definitely harder to track down and kill.

Step 3

  • Defeat Hydra, Minotaur, Wyvern and Cyclops

This third step is the hardest to do. The Minotaurs are simple to find, but the rest of the enemies will require you to jump to multiple Breach Executables or even Strikes just to see one. In the hour I spent doing this, I managed to do everything in Breach Executable, so don’t feel like you have to navigate the system to do this. Just sit in the queue and work your way through the activity, earning rewards, because you’ll get there eventually.

Once you’ve completed those three steps, you can change the quest to Failsafe and decorate your HELM with another disgusting Vex piece and a Nessiun plant. I really enjoy adding to the space terrarium, so I hope we get more of this in Act II A Rising Chorus when it comes out.

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