How to complete Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76


Into Lands Unknown is the second quest you’ll get into Fallout 76‘S Skyline Valley update. It sees you go to Vault 63 to discover what exactly happened there, and then head out into the desert in search of people who have met a grizzly end.

You will enter the Unknown Realms immediately after completing An Unlikely Invitation. It’s an automatic system, so you don’t have to look for it. The first part of the mission will ask you to enter Vault 63, which you should already be in front of. I recommend heading inside as soon as possible, as players have a nasty habit of destroying this area. This happened to me and the only way I could escape the intense radiation was to enter the Vault.

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How to complete ‘Into Lands Unknown’ in Fallout 76

Below I have described what you need to do to complete Into Lands Unknown in-game Fallout 76, which is an effortless step to take. The hardest part of this task is finding the bodies. Don’t worry. They are all described below, along with the steps you need to take when moving between them.

Step 1: Clear Vault 63

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Once you enter Vault 63, it quickly becomes clear that something is very wrong. There are Wild Ghouls and a recent enemy type called Lost Dwellers who will shoot at you and try to tear you apart. Your goal is to clear out all the enemies in the Vault, but there is an effortless way to do it.

Stay at the Vault entrance and encourage enemies to come to you. I had a very powerful melee weapon, so I could take everything down in one or two hits when I was close enough. Use any weapon you feel comfortable with, but of course ranged weapons will clear the Vault faster.

There are about three waves of enemies you need to get rid of. It’s challenging to track him down because some are hiding in the back of the Vault and won’t be revealed until you go there yourself. When you think you’ve killed everything, go to the back of the vault and interact with the intercom there. The NPC will explain where you need to go before their communication becomes unchanging.

Step 2: Search for survivors along Skyline Drive

the first corpse in the unknown lands of Fallout 76
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The intercom will show you a place on the map where you will hear a recent NPC nearby. That voice is Craig, who is in trouble. He ran away from his friends and wants you to go and see if they’re okay. To do this, you’ll need to follow Skyline Drive and look out for them along the way.

Follow the map marker until you reach a house on the side of the road. There are plenty of bug enemies here, so take your time and clear them out first. You will find a corpse hanging over the edge of the balustrade at the back of the house. Light a flare and you’ll get a recent map marker for your next friend.

second corpse in the city skyline, journey to unknown lands of Fallout 76
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That other friend is also dead now. To find them, continue following the road that winds down the cliff. You’ll have to kill some Thrashers that come around the corner, but they’re not too tough. I found it was easier to kill them using melee weapons that deal extra damage. The body you are looking for is located just inside the tunnel on the road. Mark it with a flare and move towards the last map marker for the last one.

the last corpse in Fallout 76 to lands unknown
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Follow the road and kill the Ghouls and Lost Ones that try to get in your way. Eventually you’ll get closer to the center of the storm, where you’ll see a scary house in the distance. The last dead body isn’t actually here. Instead, you need to mark a pool of blood on the road with your flare.

To complete the task, simply go to the scary house in the distance. You’ll automatically complete it, claim your rewards, and begin The Calm Before quest, which is not for the lackluster of heart.

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