How to clear the Dragonpit in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree


There are tons of frigid fresh weapons available, like Milady’s Light Greatsword Shadow of Erdtreebut one of my favorites is the Great Katana, which can be obtained at the bottom of the Dragon Pit.

To get to the Dragon’s Den, start at the Pillar Path landmark at Grace and head south. Follow the line of decapitated dragon statues until you see a tiny fire burning outside the cave. Inside you’ll be able to obtain the Ancient Dragonsmithing Stone and, if you manage to defeat the Dragonpit boss, the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana.

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Navigation in the Dragon’s Den

In the first room of the Dragon Den, you will have to fight two dragon skeletons. They don’t have a lot of HP, but they hit difficult and unless you break their glowing bones to pieces, they will get back up after you knock them down. Try to fight in this room from the front, because when you start walking down the corridor, another skeleton will jump out at you.

In the next area you’ll find two more skeletons, one shooting arrows at you from afar and the other running straight ahead with an arrow. You’ll also see shiny loot on the left side of the room, but don’t approach it until the skeletons are cleared. As soon as you pick it up (congrats on finding a fresh Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, by the way), more skeletons will pop out of the ground to attack you.

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In the next room of the Dragon’s Den there is a long staircase patrolled by two skeletons. If you go up the stairs, you will enter a vast chamber where the Magma Wyrm lurks. This one seemed to do more damage and have more HP than the base game, but the combat is exactly the same. You can kill the Wyrm to get the Dragon Heart, but whether you fight him or not, you’ll want to go down the stairs and jump into a seemingly bottomless abyss to reach the boss of this dungeon.

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How to defeat the Ancient Dragon Man

The Ancient Dragon-Man isn’t the most annoying boss in “Elden Ring,” but he’s still a significant challenge. He fights very much like an invader, using great swords and dragon spells. I found the best strategy was to pay attention to his sword attacks and apply those swings to easily get counterattacks. The only basic sword move to pay attention to is the extended left swing, as the Dragon Man always follows it with a quick jab. More than once, I tried to turn off the guard counter after that first swing and found myself facing a deadly push.

In addition to his melee sword attacks, Dragon-Man uses three spells that you need to watch out for. Sometimes it will stand up and gather reddish energy around itself, then attack with its blade, sending a blast of energy towards you. The rest of the spells are spells. One of them is a vast blast of lava that covers the ground in front of Dragon-Man with magma. The second spell looks a bit like Rotten Breath when cast, but instead of exhaling poisonous smoke after rising into the air, Dragonman lunges forward with a high-damage bite.

Fortunately, all of Dragon-Man’s spells take a second to load, so they’re effortless to predict. You can interrupt the throw with a ponderous attack, or simply jump out of the way and dive to perform a quick attack on Dragon-Man’s back. Once you lose about half of his HP, he will apply his flask like an invader, but after that he will no longer be able to heal.

Defeating the Ancient Dragonman will leave you with the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana and a clear path to the Jagged Peak.

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