How to avoid Trotters in Still Wakes the Deep


After completing the opening sequence in It still evokes depth and you manage to make it back to the platform, you will encounter your first enemy. Except it’s more than just a monster. It’s someone you know. This creature is Trots.

You’ll find Trots in the laundry room. While this area was previously basic enough to traverse, it has since been turned upside down and now has a mutant Trots sitting in the center of it and crashing into a washing machine. He is incredibly furious about all the things on the platform that are not working, including the ones that are making random noises around him. This is where It still evokes depth it teaches you how to get past enemies, but it’s not basic.

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How to get around Trots It still evokes depth

Screenshot by Destructoid

Unlike other enemies such as Rennick, you must pass Trots in an open but quite tight space in the game. It still evokes depth. the laundry has one route around it, and Trot can walk every inch. However, he cannot access the compact cabinets in the back right corner of the room.

a cup to throw in for the trotters still evokes depth
Screenshot by Destructoid

When entering the room, stay low and avoid Trot’s back. He will bang on the washing machine until he hears something strange. You need to hide in the cupboard at the back of the room to avoid getting caught before entering the cupboard on the right side of the room. This is the cabinet closest to where Trots hit the washing machine.

To get past Trot, you need to pick up a cup or other object from the floor and throw it to the opposite side of the room. The noise will distract him and make him go there to investigate. However, it won’t react exactly as you might expect. In my case, he first went to where the item was thrown, just behind the cabinet, and then went over to sniff where it landed.

Throw the item, wait for Trots to move away, then sneak out of the room. I’ve done this a few times and each time Trots notices you as soon as you leave. In fact, he is heading for the exit because he is convinced that someone is trying to avoid him.

Run away as soon as you get into the delicate. Run up the stairs and then make your way through the narrow passage to escape. Trotters can’t follow you here, so he’ll turn around and retreat to the laundry room. You can continue knowing that at least one monster cannot reach you from this point on.

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