How to apply the autocannon in Helldivers 2 to maximize your kills


There are plenty of weapons and stratagems to choose from and master Helldivers 2. While many of them are simple to play with, most of them are arduous to master, especially if you have a Personal Order that you must complete with the Democracy Officer.

It’s simple to go berserk when using one particular weapon, stratagem, or equipment Helldivers 2. For example, the Flamethrower is so powerful against Terminids that there is almost no reason to stray from it. that is, unless you get a personal order to apply something else, like an autocannon, or you get a comment from a fellow Helldiver and want to expand your horizons before your addiction leaves your dependents having to pay to ship your helmet home.

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How to apply the autocannon to maximize your kills Helldivers 2

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The autocannon is a powerful weapon Helldivers 2 which can destroy many enemies with one hit. Anything with medium armor and below will be decimated in one or two hits, and even the colossal Yellow Titans will succumb to your fire if you empty your entire clip into them.

However, when using the autocannon, you must pay attention to your surroundings. You can’t move while reloading, and you have to sacrifice space in your backpack for an ammo slot if you want to have more than one magazine for your weapon. While sometimes it pays to apply just one and equip a jump pack, most of the time I would recommend having more ammo.

To really maximize your autocannon kills, you need to make sure you’re always within medium to long range of most enemies on the planet. This weapon is great at taking out bots and bugs at this range, but at close range it will knock you and other Helldivers off your feet.

Once the other players in the mission start working on an objective, this weapon is great for destroying incoming enemies. If these enemies get too close, running away and taking them out with a little distance between us always helps with movement.

The key to having an autocannon is knowing when to drop an ammo pack and get a shield or jump pack. Don’t sacrifice your Helldiver for a few kills when you can fly away, survive, and get three times as many. You’ll learn this with time and practice, but always try to keep your character alive rather than taking the last shot. In most cases, the last shot will knock you to the ground and kill you.

How to get to the autocannon Helldivers 2

buying an autocannon in helldivers 2
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To get to the autocannon Helldivers 2, you must purchase it from the Stratagem tab in the Ship Management menu. It will cost you 7,000 order stubs, but it won’t take long to earn them in one or two missions, provided you complete every possible goal. It’s a massive weapon, so you’ll need to equip it as a stratagem and summon it during missions to equip it along with your standard loadout.

The best equipment for autocannon in Helldivers 2

Equipment for the autocannon in Helldivers 2
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Best cargo for Autonannon in Helldivers 2 is what you feel most comfortable with. However, if you’re looking for a good starting point, I’ve outlined what I like to run with below. Remember that I recommend using your favorite weapons, because it will make you a much better killing machine. If you’ve got the cash, grab something from the Viper Comamandos War Bond.

  • Autocannon
  • Strafing Eagle Run
  • Orbital impact
  • Jump Pack

The idea with this loadout is to rely heavily on standing still and killing everything before it gets too close. As soon as you fall, summon your autocannon and equip both it and his backpack. Now wait for the target and then summon your jump pack.

As you kill enemies and reload between clips to support your allies, watch out for enemies getting too close. If they start to get as close to you as you like, pick up the jump pack and launch yourself to the appropriate spot before continuing to fire.

Orbital Strike and Eagle Strafing Run are fantastic last resorts for clearing out groups of enemies. With equipment like this, you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of several. However, try to keep your distance with this method and maximize your autocannon kills.

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