How much can we earn by playing BlockAir Play to Earn?


In the rapidly growing field of blockchain gaming, a question often arises: “What are the earnings prospects at BlockAir?” This game to earn (P2E) the game works on a polygon (Matic), providing addictive gameplay and opportunities to generate income through connection GraFi and DeFi features. For lovers cryptocurrencygaming and NFTs, exploring BlockAir’s earnings potential provides valuable insight into the lucrative intersection of these innovations.

Understanding the basic mechanics of the game is crucial to delving into your potential earnings from playing BlockAir. The most vital element of BlockAir are Passport NFT tournaments, which are necessary for players to participate. These NFTs vary in rarity, which directly impacts earning potential based on their distinct attributes and in-game functionalities.

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  1. Fly-2-Earn mechanics: At BlockAir, one of the main ways to earn is the Fly-2-Earn feature. Players operate their passport NFTs go on virtual flights. The rewards for these flights depend on various factors, including the distance of the flight and the rarity of the NFT used. Longer flights with rarer passports tend to bring higher earnings.”
  2. Earn-4-Share: BlockAir also encourages players to promote the game through its Earn-4-Share initiative. Players can earn additional rewards by sharing BlockAir-related content, participating in community events, and helping spread the word. This increases community involvement and allows you to earn money outside of direct gameplay.
  3. NFT Trading: This is an vital aspect of many NFT-based games. Players have the opportunity to trade their NFT Passports on various markets. Prices may vary based on demand and market dynamics, allowing skilled individuals to profit by successfully navigating the NFT market.

It is vital to consider the future earnings potential of playing BlockAir. This includes assessing the ongoing development of the game and its growing ecosystem. As fresh features and partnerships become available, your monetization opportunities may evolve. Staying up to date with your game progress and engaging with the community can reveal fresh opportunities to earn money.

Wondering how much you can earn playing BlockAir? The answer varies depending on the investment of time, digital assets and level of commitment. BlockAir connects GameFi and DeFi elements in novel ways, making it a lively platform for those intrigued by the convergence of gaming and blockchain technology. Find out more at

We encourage you to share your insights and strategies for maximizing your earnings at BlockAir in the comments below. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, your experiences contribute to a deeper understanding of the game’s potential. What tactic has been most effective in increasing your earnings at BlockAir?

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