Honkai Star Rail Events in June 2024


Traveling the galaxy aboard the Astral Express can be a full-time job, but there’s always time to sit back and enjoy (or engage in) the abundance Honkai Star Rail Events. With stellar interstellar celebrations, tons of people to meet, tons of challenges to overcome, and tons of awesome goodies to win, there’s tons of fun to be had – and with our support, you can make sure you never miss a single encounter on the space train.

After clearing the schedule for all upcoming epic events HSR eventsbe sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list to see if your pioneering team is up for the challenge. We also have a list of all current and upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners, as well as a Honkai Star Rail codes guide to make sure you never miss out on a free gift.

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Here are all current and upcoming Honkai Star Rail events.

Honkai Star Rail Current Events

Origami Bird Clash

June 21 – July 29

Your family has invited you to beta test a game called Origami Bird Clash – it’s definitely not a scam, right? In this fun match 3 game you have to combine cute little birds and cause elimination in a certain number of steps to boost your bird’s power. Your goal is for your bird to gain as much power as possible to defeat your opponent.

Flat gap

June 28 – July 5

During this repeat of the base event, you can earn double the amount of planar ornaments from the Simulated Universe or Divergent Universe.

Regular Honkai Star Rail events

The Gift of the Odyssey

Recurring event (almost every update)

This login event allows you to earn up to ten special Star Rail passes by simply logging in for seven days during the event period. They don’t even have to be consecutive days!

Turquoise’s Reverie

Clear Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 3 to obtain the four-star character, Qingque Honkai Star Rail.

Breakthrough Will

Once you reach certain milestones in your Trailblaze tier, you can head to the event page to claim your Star Rail Pass and Stellar Jades. Here are the tier requirements and rewards you can claim:

  • Tier Five Trailblaze – Ten Star Rail Passes
  • Trailblaze Level 15 – Ten Star Rail Passes
  • Trailblaze Level 25 – Ten Star Rail Passes and 800 Star Jade
  • Trailblaze Level 35 – Ten Star Rail Passes and 800 Star Jades

Additional rewards from Stellar Warp

Once you complete 300 Warps (or pulls) in the Stellar Warp Event, you can choose one free 5-star character below to join your team.

You can only claim this reward once, so choose wisely! Before you make your choice, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list to see where each one ranks.

Starkissed Synchrony

The Novice Experience Starkissed Synchrony event offers a variety of rewards for completing specific tasks. These are:

  • Complete Trailblaze’s “Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta” mission to receive a free copy of Herta Honkai Star Rail
  • Complete the Trailblaze mission “Lying in Rust” to receive a free copy of Honkai Star Rail Natasha
  • Complete the Trailblaze mission “Rot or Burn” to receive a free Breakfast Liqueur “The Seriousness of Breakfast”
  • Reach level 20 Trailblaze and collect your level rewards from Pom-Pom aboard the Astral Express to earn a Shared Feeling delicate cone
  • Complete the Trailblaze mission “Trail of Balance: Part One” to earn a free Trailblaze-o-scope relic, which permanently increases your maximum Technique Points by one

Navis Astriger’s journey

Complete the first stage of this recent Forgotten Hall section to receive the free four-star Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong character.

When Charmony rings out

Complete the Roads to the Past Long Closed mission and defeat Cocolia in the Return subquest to gain quick access to the Harmony variant of the Honkai Star Rail trailblazer.

Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster

Herta and her fellow geniuses have upgraded the Simulated Universe to investigate the Swarm Catastrophe caused by Tayzzyronth, the Aeon of Spread. Navigate randomly generated checkerboard-like domains, battle challenging bosses, and work to unlock a path of propagation through the simulated universe. With high risk comes high reward, so you can unlock two DIY modeling resins by participating in this event.

Pure fiction

Mr. Xiyan has a recent pet that you’re sure to like. Head over to the Spare Time Book Shop and take a look, you might find an unexpected surprise… In this fresh, ongoing challenge mode, you face off against a variety of enemies, using unique power-ups to defeat them. Unlike the Forgotten Hall, when you defeat an enemy, they respawn immediately. So instead of eliminating all enemies, your goal is to deal as much damage as possible in a restricted number of cycles.

In each Pure Fiction phase, you can get as many as 720 Star Jades and lots of other goodies. Additionally, for completing certain stages for the first time, you will receive a free copy of the four-star character, Lynx Honkai Star Rail. To learn more and get familiar with this game mode, check out our Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction guide.

Divergent Universe

In addition to the Simulated Universe, Screwllum has also created a recent branch of the project. As the project’s first standalone theme, the extrapolation this time concerns the “human world” under the stars. In this invigorating, persistent game mode, you can change team compositions, take on different challenges, and collect piles of planar decorations with more freedom than ever before.

Apocalyptic shadow

Doctor Edward has made a deal with a member of the mysterious Creed Exequy and wants to search for traces of the shapeless prince in the experiences of his mortal struggles. Relive your most memorable fights on various difficulties to earn bountiful rewards, including a free copy of Xueyi Honkai Star Rail and 300 Star Jades after completing the second difficulty level.

Honkai Star Rail Online Events

There are currently no vigorous Honkai Star Rail online events. Check back soon!

A screenshot taken from one of Honkai Star Rail's events for version 2.3, showing gameplay of Origami Bird Clash

Upcoming Honkai Star Rail Events


July 5 – 29

A space station researcher tinkers with another questionable experiment (again). This time she brought her partner with her and invited you to take part in her recent tests. Featuring tons of brand recent challenge mechanics and character trial runs, this game is sure to keep you entertained!

Kingdom of Strangeness

July 19 – 26

For a restricted time, you can claim Double Relics three times per day in the Caverns of Corrosion.

That’s all we have on current and upcoming Honkai Star Rail events. If you’re in the mood for some other Hoyo-style fun, be sure to follow our Genshin Impact events, Genshin Impact codes, and Genshin Impact tier list guides.

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