Here’s a game where you play the role of a troublesome janitor in a fantasy dungeon


Mops & Mobs – Sweeping Dungeon Novel Demo Trailer – YouTube

Be careful

Somewhere between a dungeon crawler and a visual novel and a satire, we have the upcoming Mops & Mobs: A Sweeping Dungeon Novel — release date TBD, demo available now . In the game, you’re a janitor in a fantasy dungeon inhabited by strange monsters, frequently plundered by adventurers, and ruled by some Dungeon Master who seems to be beloved but not particularly skilled.

“Welcome to your new job! As a dungeon janitor, you look after the welfare of our monsters, collect the remains of adventurers’ limbs, decorate the dungeon, and find ways to make our beloved Game Master look more competent,” the official description reads.

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Billing itself as a “Visual Novel Slash Dungeon Crawler Slash Room Decoration Simulator,” I have to say that Mops & Mobs has a really charming, fairly low-key aesthetic that combines 2D sprites with 3D environments in a way that gamers of a certain disposition (me) find very compelling. Of course I want to spotless up severed limbs. Of course I want to please the rat chefs in the messy dungeon, and of course I want to decorate the messy dungeon.

Pug & Mobs is created by Rat King Entertainmenta German indie duo that has been in the gaming industry for quite some time now. Their previous releases on Steam were tiny little indie adventures Loneliness and a first-person puzzle Tri: On Friendship and Madnesswhich involves summoning petite triangular platforms by placing endpoints.

You can find Mops & Mobs: A Sweeping Dungeon Novel on Steamwhere there is no release date yet, but a demo version is available.

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