Hello Kitty Island Adventure is coming to Switch and PC in 2025, and Cozy Game fans will love it


Released last year exclusively for Apple Arcade, Hello Kitty Island Adventure has become a runaway hit among cuddly gamers, younger kids, and Sanrio fans. Now it’s finally coming to more platforms, and gamers (and South Park fans – we swear there’s a reason for that) are thrilled.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty Island Adventure will be receiving its long-awaited PC and Switch ports in 2025 (and then PlayStation 4 and 5 at a later date), and fans took to X/Twitter, to share your excitement.

Other fans were pleased with South Park’s Butters, who predicted Hello Kitty Island Adventure in the iconic 2006 series episode Make Love, Not Warcraft more than 15 years before the game was announced. As the kids in the show plan their next move in World of Warcraft, Butters says that he does not play Warcraft and instead spends his beloved time at the computer playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which did not exist at that time.

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While a Sanrio representative said Edge last year, with the game’s name being coincidental and unrelated to South Park, Butters became almost inextricably linked to the game, with fans once again taking to X/Twitter to lovingly revive the meme.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure combines the life simulation mechanics of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Sanrio’s colorful cast of characters and exploration, platforming and puzzles. We previewed the Switch port of Hello Kitty Island Adventure ahead of its launch and said: “Fans of cozy games or someone looking for a fun adventure for a younger gamer should take note of Hello Kitty Island Adventure if they haven’t had a chance to play it on Apple Arcade yet.” — despite fairly common frame rate issues.

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