Helldivers 2 players work together like never before to secure victory in the current significant contract


Major Orders are the main objectives that drive the overall narrative in Hell Divers 2. These instructions from Super Earth assist us defeat the factions fighting the controlled democracy in the Second Galactic War, but lately they have been a cluttered mess.

The current main ordinance is Hell Divers 2 players frantically spread across five alien worlds, trying to liberate them in the name of Super Earth. This wasn’t basic though, as many planets in sectors across the galaxy required players to defend from being taken over by worms or bots, so it was all stressful. However, the community came together brilliantly to complete this Major Order against all odds, organizing multiple times a day.

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Managed democracy is an organized democracy

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I play quite a lot Hell Divers 2and everything I saw on game subreddit during this Major Order there are posts trying to get the community to liberate the correct planet so we don’t lose any or miss a defense objective. These posts are often low lived to avoid confusion but they get the message across.

When these posts appear, they don’t generate much interest, but I’ve noticed a stark contrast in how well organized the player base is and how they’re throwing themselves at the right targets with them. The problem is that Hell Divers 2 now shows players supply lines between planets, giving a visual representation of where enemies are coming from. This can lead you to believe you should be liberating one planet when in reality you should be working with everyone else on another for a defense mission.

In straightforward terms, this means that we may be required to defend one planet, but liberating another along the supply lines will be both get rid of the enemies there and complete the defense mission. Kills two birds with one stone, allowing us to almost complete this Major Order in the allotted time. What do we do next.

Without such coordination across the entire game subreddit, we likely wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Terminids in this Major Order. Especially with the broken Personal Order “Kill 5” that came out.

Thanks to this victory Hell Divers 2 the community has shown it’s ready for these more intricate objectives that force them to work together to locate the right target and weed out bugs or bots. If developer Arrowhead Game Studios had released more challenging Major Orders that force us to work together like this one did, the game would feel fresh and lively, regardless of what those arguing about the player count think.

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