Helldivers 2 players have been given an incredibly powerful fresh weapon to aid them in their brutal defense campaign X-45


After days of defending the X-45 from the Automatons while Super Earth engineers excavated laboratories beneath its surface, Hell Divers 2finally something has been found. With about a day left in the planet defense campaign, all players now have access to the MLS-4X Commando rocket launcher, and it’s awesome.

The advanced weapons lab on the X-45 housed incredibly powerful technology. A rocket launcher that could fire four missiles at once, annihilating anything in the Helldiver’s path, and was completely free for a constrained time. Players in Hell Divers 2 and they were right to lose their minds over this fresh development, as it finally gives them the ability to fight the most brutal enemy faction in the game with invincible weapons.

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It’s good to turn the tables on bots

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The MLS-4X Commando Missile Launcher is only available to Helldivers taking on missions in defense of the X-45. Fortunately, at the time of writing, the planet is under attack by Automatons, so players are flocking there to both fight and exploit this incredible weapon.

Fans on Hell Divers 2 subreddit I love this weapon for two reasons. First, it’s an iconic rocket launcher that all of our favorite action stars have used at some point. The most renowned example floating around the subreddit is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The second reason why players love this weapon is, as user Ocanom states, “Just to add – It does 450 damage and 450 sustained damage at the same AP as EAT/RR/Quasar. It has enough stopping power to destroy fabricators from any angle. It can 2-shot headshot any type of charger, same as Bile Titans.”

Don’t worry if that doesn’t make much sense to you. User oneblackened’s comment should explain it. “Oh shit, son.” I’ve been playing around with this weapon for a while and it’s awesome. You feel like you’re introducing something truly unstoppable into the game and you’re finally able to fend off Automata on higher difficulties when they spawn with more Dropships and Fabricators.

This strategy also has a rapid cooldown, so you can summon her, take out a few powerful bots, wait a bit, then summon her again to take out even more of them. I’ve used her to take out double Automatons, pinging her on Tanks and Fabricators to really get her money’s worth.

Once this main order is complete, the MLS-4X Commando rocket launcher will almost certainly be added as a fresh unlockable stratagem. This could be a double-edged sword, though, as if the Helldivers get stronger, it will take a more powerful opponent to put us in our place.

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